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FSL New Curriculum Roll Out

No description

Denis Cousineau

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of FSL New Curriculum Roll Out

October 2013

FSL: New to the Role Networks
Activité Carousel
Former des groupes 'experts' par couleur.
1. Modules 1, 3 et 6
2. Decider, comme un groupe, quel information est important à partager avec les groupes mixes.
Lire pour:
les grandes idées
liens et questions
je me demande....
Groupes d'exploration
d'explorer et déterminer les grandes idées et les nouvelles resources en FLS pour communiquer à les groupes mixes.
Partage en groupe

• Que remarques-tu?
• Comment peux-tu utiliser cet image dans ta salle de classe?
• Pourquoi est-ce important?
(note tes idées)
Gallery Walk

• d'explorer et pour devenir plus familier avec la pédagogie et les ressources en FLS
• approfondir nos pratiques efficace de planification
• accroître notre capacité

Considerer: Quel est l'impacte sur la voix de l'élève? l'enseignante.
What Social Studies concept(s) comes to mind?

- Voyez-vous des exemples ou des opportunités pour incorporer ces conceptes dans les attentes du curriculum?
Allez voir.......
Lifelong Language Learning
- Authentic Oral Communication
- Making Real-World Connections
- Goal Setting and Reflection
- Emphasis on Critical and Creative Thinking
- Interdependence of Language and Culture
- Development of Languag Learning Strategies
- Listening, Speaking, Reading, and -Writing: Interconnected but Distinct
P. 8 FSL Curriuculum (2013)
It's The Process
Annotate your thinking as you go through the process of deciding which concept might connect to the expectation.
Work in groups of 2-3 at your table.
When prompted, move as a group, with your chart, to another group with a different coloured chart & discuss the process.
After lunch, please move into divisional teams as follows:

Primary - Room 124
Junior - Room 121
Intermediate - Room 123
Have a Great Lunch (11:45-12:25)
What Are Framing Questions?
What are their characteristics?
What might be their purpose?
How might they be of benefit?
Creating Framing Questions
Now we're going to create framing questions, using the criteria generated.

What might you need to consider as you develop framing questions?
Overview Charts
What do you
- notice?
- wonder?
Grade Level Work
In Pairs
Pick a grade (by colour)
Situate yourselves as a grade level group
Create framing questions (use criteria to self-assess)
Annotate your thinking as you go
Grade Level Share
Discuss the process
Consolidate your final framing questions onto chart paper
Whole Division Share
What do you notice?
What might that mean?
Why might that be important?
Framing Questions
(All back to Rm. 126)
Create a continuum of framing questions across the grades (post charts on wall)

What do you notice?
What might that mean?
Why might that be important?
Which Concept(s)?

Assign a dot (in the appropriate box) for a 'match' between the concept and that text
Think and practice: How might you justify your choice to someone else?

1. What aspect of the front matter surprised you?
2. How might today's learning impact planning for your classroom instruction?
3. What are you still wondering about?

Next Session: Monday, October 21st
- share resources
- consider our students
- impact of today's work
Exit Card / Thinking Ahead
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