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Thesis Process - Student

UT Tyler master students can creatively review the thesis process.

Sydni Blundell

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Thesis Process - Student

Thesis Committee Appointment
The Thesis Committee Appointment form can be found on The Graduate School web page, under Thesis and Dissertation.
Minimum of 3 committee members; all should have the proper Graduate Faculty Membership*:
Graduate Research Faculty
Provisional Graduate Research Faculty
Visiting Graduate Faculty
UT Tyler employee submits completed form to GradForms@uttyler.edu for review.
Thesis Process - Student
You're at the beginning stages of your thesis.
Now what?
Notice of Oral Defense
We request that the details of your thesis defense be sent to GradForms@uttyler.edu so that we may create an invitation.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
*You or your thesis chair can check the Graduate Credentialing website to review that information.
GradForms@uttyler.edu will notify your thesis chair of approval of thesis committee.
Email: GradManuscripts@uttyler.edu
Call: 903.566.7457 (Chelsea Miller)

GradForms@uttyler.edu will:
send out a detailed thesis defense invitation to all full-time faculty.
promote the thesis defense on social media page(s) and The Graduate School calendar.
Dissertation Manuscript
After the successful thesis defense:
Thesis manuscript is submitted to thesis committee members for physical signatures.
Thesis manuscript, with signed signature page, is submitted to The Graduate School for formatting review.
Student* submits documents to GradManuscripts@uttyler.edu.
*Faculty member may submit on behalf of student; student must be cc'd
GradManuscripts@uttyler.edu will send electronic manuscript to the reviewer and will correspond with student via email.

student should check email for revisions; initial submission does not indicate approval of manuscript/graduation.
Step 4
Approval of Thesis Manuscript
Once student receives email of approved thesis manuscript:
Electronic Thesis Submission Information, including Rights Management and Access Information, will be emailed.
Student must upload their approved manuscript to ScholarWorks.
A video tutorial gets emailed with the approval paperwork.
Step 5
Thesis Manuscript Submission
(student responsibility)
After the submission to ScholarWorks:
The student will receive a successful submission email from ScholarWorks.
The successful submission email that states "has been posted" must be forwarded to GradManuscripts@uttyler.edu.
After GradManuscripts receives the successful submission email, the student's myUTTyler will be updated so that the student may receive their degree*.
*If the student does not forward their successful submission email to GradManuscripts, their degree cannot be conferred.
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