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World History 101

An Introduction to 8th Grade World History.

Josh Huffstutler

on 13 August 2009

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Transcript of World History 101

World History 101 Does any of this stuff really matter? Aren't all these guys worm bait? How do you expect me to learn all this junk? I should have brought Mr. H. a Sunkist today! People actually pay lots of money to be entertained by history. Movies, Video Games, Music, and Television Shows are all shaped by human history. If you can't relate to the characters in a story, the experience is shot. If a story isn't somewhat believeable, we don't stay connected. Good stories are written with good history as inspiration. Examples 300 Troy Gladiator Kingdom of Heaven The Passion of the Christ Pirates of the Caribbean Amistad (Slavery) Apocalypto Braveheart Indiana Jones The Mummy Trilogy Behold! Monty Python and the Holy Grail! National Treasure The Prince of Egypt Star Wars. A long time
ago, In a galaxy far, far
away ... Night At The Museum The Last Samurai The Dark Knight Video Games The Lion King Mulan Other movies influenced by history. Music can tell a story with history.
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