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FCE Vocabulary - Film

Based on "Skills for First Certificate" by Malcolm Mann & Steve Taylor-Knowles, published by Macmillan in 2006

Marta Markowska

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of FCE Vocabulary - Film

VOCABULARY people opinion film making films cinema s
t movement and moving thought and opinion 1. The ________ shouted "Action!" and the actor started running. 2. All the members of the ____ had to wear strange costumes in one scene. 3. Did you do all those dangerous scenes yourself or did the _____ ___ stand in for you? 4. A ____ ____ is a person who likes films a lot and knows a lot about them. 5. Mr Brown is a film ______ - he writes reviews for national newspapers. director cast stunt man film buff critic 2. If you sit in the front ___ at the cinema, it can be difficult to see. 3. I've seen "Star Wars" on TV, but I haven't seen it on the
___ ______. 4, Not "Home alone" again! It is __ every Christmas! 5. When is "The Hobbit" coming ___? I can't wait! 6. American name for a "cinema" is a "_____ _______". 7. Shall we get some popcorn during the ____________? 1. You can get your tickets at the ___ ______ at the cinema. box office row big screen on out movie theater intermission 1. The film is quite ______ - many people cry when they watch it. 2. That comedy was _________ - I couldn't stop laughing! 3. I didn't like a bit of it. What utter ________! 4. The acting is ok, but the story is just __________. 5. Liam Neeson played the role in a totally __________ way. Well done! 6. Marlon Brando is just ______ in the role of the Godfather. 7. Well, it's actually quite _______, with all this fighting and killing. 8. It's really ________ - I just couldn't stop watching it. moving hilarious nonsense ridiculous convincing superb violent gripping 1. Making the movie was actually really hard, as we shot the whole film __ ________ in the desert. 2. If an actor has a ___ ____ in a film, they only have a small speaking role. 3. If you are an _____ in a movie, you can be seen in the background, but you don't have any lines to say. 4. They use computers to create all the _______ _______ these days. 5. I haven't seen the film but I've seen the _______ and it looks really exciting. 6. "The Green Mile" is _____ __ a book by Stephen King. 7. The film _____ Brad Pitt, and was directed by Robert Redford. 8. "Gone with the Wind" is ___ __ the American Civil War. on location bit part extra special effects trailer based on stars set in 1. I'm going to try not to read the _________; it'll help me practise my English. 2. I hate it when foreign films are ______; I like to listen to them in their original language. 3. A _____ in the plot is when something unexpected happens. 4. I can't remember her name! We'll have to look at the _______ at the end. 5. I read a ______ of that film and it sounds really interesting. 6. "Avatar" was
a real Hollywood ___________ - it earned millions of dollars! 7. It's a ___-______ film, with little funding from private investors. 8. "Casablanca" is one of all-time Hollywood ________. 9. Howard Shore composed the __________ to "The Lord of the Rings. subtitles dubbed twist credits review blockbuster low-budget classics soundtrack Who... 1. watches a film? a) audience b) crowd c) mob 2. watches a sports event? a) observers b) viewers c) spectators 3. looks at tourist attractions? a) onlookers c) sightseers 4. watches a TV programme? a) watchers c) witnesses 5. sees a crime or accident happen? a) sightseers c) watchers b) inspectors b) viewers b) witnesses s
g 6. look at someone for a long time? a) glimpse c) notice b) stare 7. look at something quickly? a) view c) glance b) glimpse 8. watch something carefully? a) see c) search b) observe 9. see something for a moment? a) catch view of c) catch vision of b) catch sight of 10. see something for a moment? a) glimpse c) inspect b) watch What do you do when you... a luxury on a ship cruise/ passage a round-the-world trip/ outing drive at high speed/ pace lose your way/ route go on a school trip/ outing go at full speed/ velocity take a around the city tour/ voyage a sudden burst of speed/ velocity a sudden change of way/ direction go on a business excursion/ trip cross the into a country border/ limit plan your direction/ route go straight ahead/ forward make your somewhere way/ route someone to a place take/ go your plane lose/ miss on a journey set off/ set up give me the i______________ that she works very quickly. 1. Her films always mpression make up your m__________ which film you want to see. 2. You'll just have to ind 3. Many critics take the v__________ that the best films
are made in Hollywood. iew 4. This film should appeal to those who still h__________ the belief that strong men save
weak women from danger. old 5. I've seen a lot of films
and I've come to the c____________ onclusion that he can't act. 6. If you change your m__________ about going to the cinema, give me a call. ind 7. It's time we q____________ the idea that people want to see
films full of violence. uestioned 8. Our producers finally r____________ the decsion eached about which star they
wanted to use. 9. I can't remember his name off the top of my h_____________ but he was in the film I saw. ead 10. When we're choosing a video at the shop, we should b____________ in mind that Mike doesn't like comedies. ear If they made a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be? Paper 5 - Speaking
Part 1 If you could be a movie bad guy, which one would you be? What kind of movie would you like to star in? Why? If you decide to rent a movie, how do you choose one? Do you prefer watching films in their original version or in your mother language? Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of a film? Why? Would you like to be a movie extra? Which do you prefer, to watch movies or to read books? Part 2
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