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How does anorexia affect the body?

No description

Caitlin Hansen

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of How does anorexia affect the body?

HOW DOES ANOREXIA AFFECT THE BODY? who can have an eating disorder? Anyone can have an eating diorder. Mainly women and girls develop anorexia Why do people develop anorexia? People with eating disorders are afraid to gain weight What can cause anorexia? You can die from anorexia! Or have serious heart problems later on in life. You can also have kidney failure. People with anorexia nervosa can have many things happen to them from starvation:

•Your blood pressure drops, your breathing rate goes down
•You loose your hair, your fingernails start to break
•Your period goes away
•Your body grows a soft hair, all over called lanugo hair
•You get very weak
•Your joints start to swell
•Your bones are really frail
Some options of treatment: Symptoms prevent anorexia. body is perfect. People can also help them eat healthy, and help them make good eating habits when they are kids. relapse can happen,don’t talk about it when you are eating with them. Bibliography:
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