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How Students can use LinkedIn Powerfully

No description

Whitney Prescott

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of How Students can use LinkedIn Powerfully

What is Linkedin?
I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+...why do I need ANOTHER social media account?
Common Misconceptions
As a part-time/full-time professional:
Ok then, how can I use Linkedin?
Isn't LinkedIn just an online resume?
Common Misconceptions
LinkedIn is JUST for job seekers,
"professionals" and "old people"
Common Misconceptions
Ok then, how can I use Linkedin?
Sample Linkedin Profile
How Students Can Use
277 million members in over 200 countries

More than two new members per second

College grads are LinkedIn's fastest-growing demographic

There are over 39 million students and recent college grads on LinkedIn...are you one of them?
Inside Linkedin
Differs from other social media networks as it focuses on people in a
You talk to everyone and anyone
Some people talk too much and don't listen
Others listen but don't talk much
Revolving captive audience
Lots of chatter to keep up with
You don't invite everyone from the cocktail party to your living room
Typically share more personal photos, updates
Everyone is on Linkedin for a professional reason
Looking for a job
Building a bigger network
Reaching out to colleagues, etc.
Do you see the difference?
Read up about companies and organizations of interest

Learn more about potential employers and interviewers

Connect with UGA Alumni and others in Education - network and ask the right questions to find out more about working in a particular district/company/org
As a student or graduate:
Join groups

Expand your network with others in your area of expertise

Get recommendations and endorsements from people you trust

Promote upcoming events

Look for funding or people to support your companies initiatives

Connect with other professionals to share best practices

What is Linkedin
Common Misconceptions
How YOU can effectively used Linkedin
"All Star" Profile Example
Ok then, how can I use Linkedin?
Share relevant articles

Connect with your colleagues/cohort after leaving school to keep in touch

Connect with your professors and get them to endorse and recommend you

Give yourself more exposure by participating in groups and posting questions

Access the STUDENT PORTAL for college student internship and jobs
Find the job you want by setting up job alerts
As a student or graduate:
UGA Alumni Search
Student Portal
Get Connected
Call to schedule an appointment: (706) 542-3375
Career Center walk-in hours: M-F, 12-2 PM
A LinkedIn Profile can help add
DEPTH to your identity
Volunteering & Causes
Demonstrate your talents
Engage in discussion
Post examples of your projects
Create your "Online Brand"
Cultivate a supportive network of people
Expand your knowledge of your field of study
Whitney Prescott
, Career Consultant
College of Education
Extension of your resume
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