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Magic Mushrooms

Health Project

Georgia Anker

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Magic Mushrooms

Georgia Anker 8A Magic Mushrooms Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin. Psilocybin is a hallucinogen, whose side effects are similar to those of LSD. What are Magic Mushrooms? Common names for Magic
Mushrooms are:
- Shrooms
- Sacred Mushrooms
- Teonanácatl
For certain types of
Magic Mushrooms:
- Blue caps
- Boomers
- Caps What are some common
names for
Magic Mushrooms? Magic Mushrooms fit into the Hallucinogens category.

Hallucinogens distort your sensory perceptions. Example: make you hear or see things that are not real. What category do Magic Mushrooms
fit into? The legal status of Magic Mushrooms
varies world-wide. In most countries,
including: US, Australia and New Zealand, magic mushrooms are illegal. What kind of drug
are Magic
Mushrooms? Where do Magic Mushrooms
come from? Magic mushrooms have been used for thousand of years and were commonly used for religious ceremonies, to help contact gods. Nowadays, people believe that it is a way to have fun. Young adults often experiment with drugs and think that going on a trip and hallucinating is fun. When actually it can be a horrific experience. Why do people take
Magic Mushrooms? How are Magic
Mushrooms taken? Short term effects of using Magic mushrooms include
- Having a trip. Trips usually last about 4 hours.
- Laughing a lot and feeling relaxed. This feeling can easily be reversed if the user feels depressed or anxious at the time of taking the drug.
- Stomachache

Long term effects of using Magic mushrooms:
- If taken regularly, magic mushrooms can cause and complicate mental health problems. Short term and long term effects of
taking Magic Mushrooms. Magic mushrooms can cause very
bad health problems and carry
many dangers.

- If you take a magic mushroom
that has gone bad, you could
become extremely ill as moldy or
bad mushrooms can contain
poisons and harmful bacteria.
- One of the effects of taking magic mushrooms, is an experience similar to a trip on LSD. During this trip loss of reality, severe anxiety and paranoia can occur. If this happens you could basically experience a living nightmare.
- Regular use of Magic mushrooms can severely hurt your mental heath. Dangers of using
Magic Mushrooms. Signs that you are
abusing Magic Mushrooms. If you are using magic mushrooms contact these Support Groups:

- Drug Info - 1300 85 85 84

- Family Drug Support - 1300 368 186

- Family Drug Help - 1300 660 068
http://www.familydrughelp.com.au/ Support Groups 1. What is a common name for Magic mushrooms?

2. Where have people been using magic mushrooms for thousands of years?

3. One way that you can take magic mushrooms.

4. How long does a trip usually last?

5. What type of drug are magic mushrooms? Quiz Goulburn Valley Grammar School Year 8 Health and PE 2012 Workbook






http://www.thegooddrugsguide.com/mushrooms/addiction.htm Bibliography Magic Mushrooms grow globally in temperate regions and come from the natural environment. Magic Mushrooms are one of the oldest hallucinogens. In South and Central America magic mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, often during religious ceremonies, to contact the gods. Magic mushrooms are generally swallowed, but are sometimes used to make a kind of tea, which people then drink. Magic mushrooms can also be smoked, which doesn't effect the body as much as eating magic mushrooms does. There is no safe amount of magic mushrooms to take.
Here are signs that you are addicted:
- Flashbacks between trips. During these flashbacks a person could re-experience something that they felt during a trip.
- First response to anything unpleasant in life is to use magic mushroom. By Georgia Anker 8A Thank you
for watching!
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