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UKBORDERS overview for LAMP 27/4/10

Carol Blackwood

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of UKBORDERS

UKBORDERS Download entire
directories... ... or download records
for selected areas and
selected fields. Postcode data All current & historic UK postcodes Related geographies
e.g. health authority National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) ~2.5 million postcodes grid references, address counts,
area classifications etc MS Access, CSV, DBF or
SHAPEFILE formats available NSPD analysis - Address count change displayed by Census Output Areas Population structure e.g. by linking Census Area Statistics to boundary data and mapping Easy download.... Digital Boundary Data Administrative
Electoral Environmental
Historic Postal
Regional Boundary data selector.... Shapfile, MIF, DXf, CSV, GML & KML formats Digital versions of geographical boundaries Access to Census outputs
Free to UKHE/FE
Register with census.ac.uk ESRC Census Programme data units The UK Census UKBORDERS Online access to a wide range of digitised boundaries associated with the census and
Postcode data
Comprehensive population surveys
Every ten years
200 year history from 1801 to 2001
Single points in time
Standard topics
Used to inform policy decisions
Creates a lot of data! edina.ac.uk/ukborders/ Help, support and learning Investigating Benzene pollution and deaths related to Asthma Adolescents Engagement with Greenspace. UKBORDERS Case Studies....
Patient Satisfaction with Primary Care: An analysis of the 2008-08 GP patient survey data. Pay-for-performance programs
in family practices in the United Kingdom. A study of the Geography of Welsh
Speakers in North Wales using GIS. Spatial Inequalities: An investigation of spatial disparity in the North-West of England. Help desk - edina@ed.ac.uk e-learning modules
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