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Reading Strategy--Predicting

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Sara Schumacher

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Reading Strategy--Predicting

Reading Strategy--Predicting
Predicting--What is it?

A prediction is an educated guess about something that will come later in the text. The Predict Strategy is a simple but powerful way to help you connect what you know with what you are reading. Just as a detective looks for clues to solve a mystery, you can find clues in a text about upcoming events and themes.
Why Predict?
Making predictions while you read will help you find meaning in a text. When you make a prediction, you engage with the author's clues about what is important in the story, poem, speech or other nonfiction text. Plus, it can be fun to find out whether things turn out as you expected.

How do I predict?
As you read, stop every once in a while and think about what the author has written. Check the text and images for clues about what might be important. If you're reading a story, try predicting what you think will happen next. If you're reading a poem, speech, or essay, try predicting the themes and main ideas the author will emphasize.
How do I make good predictions?
* Connect what you know with information in the text and images
* Make an educated guess, not a wild guess
* Often change as you read more and get new information that doesn't match your earlier prediction
* Summarize "The Great Mouse Plot"
* What do you predict will happen to Roald Dahl?
What is a reading strategy?
Actions that students take when they are reading to help them construct and maintain meaning.
source: http://udleditions.cast.org/strategy_predict.html
Steps to Predicting:
**Write in your ELA notes tab.
Image Predicting
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