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leslie merritt

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of Promotion

Fashion Advertising and Promotion
What is Promotion?
Any form of communication that a business uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products or enhance its image.
What is the promotional mix?
Sales Promotion
Public Relations
Personal Selling
Special Events
Social Media
Sales Promotion-a short term incentive
used to get customers to buy products/services
Two Types:
1. Trade-Business to business
2. Consumer-directly targets the consumer
Examples: Sales, contests, give-a-ways, coupons, email offers, etc.
Public Relations-A promotional technique that uses any form of communication to create a positive image for the business.
The exposure generates sales and creates a positive image of the organization.
Businesses can work with nonprofit organizations and participate in community service activities.
Publicity-any NON-PAID message that communicates information about a company's merchandise, services, and/or activities.
Press Releases-written news stories sent out to newspapers and magazines
Can be positive or negative-Fashion businesses do not have control over the publicity they receive.
Advertising-a paid message that business sends about its fashion products or services to inform, remind or persuade consumers.
AIDA-used in advertising and personal selling
Promotional Advertising-used to increase sales, introduce new products, explain product features and benefits, and support selling efforts
Institutional Advertising-focuses on image rather than specific products or services. Designed to create a positive view of the business.
Types of Advertising Media
1. Print:
Magazines-targeted to specific markets, long shelf life because most magazines do not go out of date immediately
"pass-along" readership
Extensive preparation and long lead times means they must be prepared well in advance of the publication date.
Newspapers-the most common print medium is the most common advertising vehicle for local retailers
Lower cost and shorter lead time
Directory-yellow pages
Direct Mail-catalogs, newsletters, mailers directly to customers' homes.
Outdoor advertising-billboards, transit ads, signs,
2. Broadcast Media
Television-target potential customers by TV viewing habits/preferences.
Radio-Reach about 96% of people who are 12 years old and over
3. Online and Specialty Media
Online-advertising places on the internet
Specialty- products such as magnets, calendars, and pens
Special Events
Planning Fashion Promotion
Fashion Promotional Plan-the detailed written guide a business develops that states which promotional components will be used to reach specific goals in a designated period of time.
Planning Schedules-Promotional plans are developed twice a year
Requires a promotional budget
A planned event to promote a product, service, or enhance the image of your business.
Fashion shows, trunk shows, receptions, open houses
Parts of a Print Ad
-Headline-get the reader's attention
-Tagline (slogan)
-Copy-information about the product
-Signature-compnay information
Social Media Promotion-Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter
Advertising-Pay per clicks/shares
Social media targeting is a method of optimizing social media advertising by using profile data to deliver advertisements directly to individual users. Social media targeting refers to the process of matching social network users to target groups that have been specified by the advertiser.
Connection with target audience
Lifestyle-story telling-Beyond Products
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