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Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain

No description

Brianny Ortiz

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain

Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain
Christopher Columbus can be described as both a hero and a villain.It depends from whose perspective you look at it at.The spaniards gained land and riches but natives got their LAND TAKEN AWAY.(Ex:two-faced/Tom&Jerry)
Situation: Hero vs. Villain
Option 1:HERO
For the people of Spain Christopher Columbus might be considered a type of HERO for opening the age of exploration to the AMERICAS FOR THEM. He also got new livestock like pigs cows and chicken.He also got LAND. AND more people to turn to CHRISTIANITY.
Christopher Columbus is a villain to NATIVE AMERICANS because he stole their land and made them slaves.He also brought disease and war to these peaceful people.Instead of treating them equally he destroyed them and forced them to become another culture.
Option 2:VILLAIN
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