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Thanujitha Thanapalasingam

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Advertising

ADVERTISING Rules For Creating Good Advertising 1. Attract Attention 2. Gain Interest 3. Build Desire 4. Get Action Attract Attention

A good headline:
Mentions the brand’s or company’s name
Is seven words or less
Easy to remember
Hooks people to want to know more about the advertisement PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS An effective and creative headline is a good way to attract your consumers when using a print advertisement to promote your product, company or brand. ATTRACT ATTENTION BROADCAST ADVERTISEMENTS: they are most successful when they can hold on to your attention for the entire broadcast.
Broadcast ads attract attention is many ways:
•Unusual visuals
•An attractive person
•A famous celebrity
•Hilarious moment ...The activity of producing advertisements to promote the products or services to a target audience, known as the consumer. Print ads should be easy to read and simple to understand. Broadcasts should make people want to listen and/or watch your advertisement, want to know more about it Print ads should be easy to read and simple to understand. Broadcasts should make people want to listen and/or watch your advertisement, want to know more about it Find reasons why people should buy your product. Direct-To-Home These are advertisements that are brought or available to you at your home
-Of-Home These are advertisements that are you will be viewing while your not at home.
such as: Billboards Anywhere else! Bus/ Bus Stops Bus/ Bus Stops Types of Advertising Businesses advertise on local and international newspapers. Larger businesses advertise on international papers while small businesses advertise on a classified section of the paper as it is a lot cheaper. NEWSPAPERS Most advertisements do a great job getting their messages across; making then memorable and reactive to consumers within 60 seconds or less.This is the most effective way of advertising.

Television ads have a combination of words sounds and images, but this advertising chose is expensive, as it does have a larger and general audience, and more costly at certain times like during the Super Bowl. TELEVISION Magazines are more effective to attract consumers with a magazine ad compared to the newspaper because of the colour advertisements and easier to get to your target audience with specialty magazines. They use cleaver and “fun” words along with effective sound effects to draw you into the product they are advertising. RADIO

1.Company Website : attract consumers who are interesting the company or business

2.Banner advertising on other websites: Banner ads can target consumers form one website that will direct then to another. Ex. Banner ads on Facebook

3.Email adverting: an effective internet advertising strategy, where one could have subscribed to a site and are expecting updates, notifications, advertisements or information. The number of times the audience will see or hear your advertisement over a certain period of time. To get frequency on media it depends on the placement and the time that will get the most reach. Frequency How long the advertisement will last in the house. Durability The ability to focus on the target audience. Selectivity The number or people who are exposed to your advertisement REACH Comparing Types Of Advertisements The attention for the audience’s attention. Clutter How complex is it to prepare the ads to promote your business to the consumer. Mechanical requirement How fast the advertisement is ready to be exposed. Lead-time Direct- to -home advertisement

Target Audience: those who are interested and support the winter Olympics.

Reactive: To show your support towards the Olympics you would purchase food at McDonald's.

Memorable: The one person who does not suite the theme. The Olympic athletes appearing in the commercial. McDonald's TV Advertisement Out-of-home advertisement

Target Audience: Children and People
interested in the planet; the wildlife, people, nature.

Reactive: People would want to ride on this attractive bus, and would want to know more about the National Geographic channel.

Memorable: The interesting and unique design on the image on the bus. The way it is presented, unlike a regular poster on the side of the bus or windows. National Geographic Advertisement Memorable and Reactive Advertisements Out-of-home advertisement

Target Audience: General population

Reactive: Persuading people to buy the chocolate that is so irresistible.

Memorable: The creative presentation of the chocolate. The people craving and trying to get to the chocolate. The shiny wrapper. Cadbury Billboard Advertisement Internet There are 3 types of internet advertising: Magazines Advantages Disadvantages ... of having a radio advertisement Radio ads are inexpensive.
Targets a certain group or groups and its possible to reach a larger audience then television or print ads.
Radio ads are always on the go; you can listen to radio while you do other things.
Sepecail sounds or jingles get stuck in your head. Radio stations can have too many advertisements which tune out the listener.
There are no visuals for you to see and catch your attention better.
Unlike print ads (newspapers and magazines) you can’t save the advertisement to look at later. ... of having a radio advertisement Advantages VS. Disadvantages Disadvantages Most effective when they are short, it’s harder to fit all your content into 30 seconds or less.
Technology has developed where commercials can be skipped or forwarded and there for are not viewed.
Television ads are a lot more expensive other means of adverting. ... of having a television advertisement Advantages Larger and more general audience
Has the best reach of connecting with people
Provides a 3 in 1 pack: sound, images and words
Advertisements are likely to be viewed more ... of having a television advertisement DISADVANTAGES
Depending on the space, ad placement can be costly.
Hard to grab attention in the cluster of ads.
It will not be an "ongoing"advertisement; people may look at it and then recycle it.
Some newspapers don't print in colour, making it harder to grab attention. ... of having a newspaper advertisement. ADVANTAGES
Depending on the space, ad placement can be costly.
Hard to grab attention in the cluster of ads.
It will not be an "ongoing"advertisement; people may look at it and then recycle it.
Some newspapers don't print in colour, making it harder to grab attention. ... of having a newspaper advertisement. DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES ... of having a internet advertisement. ...of having a internet advertisement Affordable
Lots of ads on one website
You can target a certain audience
You can view them in many ways: banner ads, pop-ups, video ads etc. People can ignore and avoid ads.
People have programs to prevent pop-ups and avoid ads Disadvantages Costly depending on the ad size and space.
The lead-times might now work out for the time or season. ... of having a magazine advertisement Advantages Exposed to a certain target audience
Ads can be taken places (tangible)
Colour and creative ads grab quick attention. ... of having a magazine advertisement Direct Email Disadvantages People may not view depending on who the email is from
Being distracted form too much content
... of having direct email advertisements Advantages People are updated
More aware of whats happening
Most people use email to interact
It is direct and to the person
Easy to save and view later
... of having direct email advertisements People are exposed to direct email advertising when they have subscribed to a certain website, magazine etc. This type of advertising communicates the promotions, deals, discounts, sales, information, updates, announcement of a special offer or a catalog of products and much more. ADVANTAGES VS. DISADVANTAGES ... of having direct email advertising. Billboards are "out-of-home" advertisements found in high traffic areas where they can grab the most attention. BILLBOARDS Disadvantages Billboard is not appealing or grabbing attention.
Not something people can take home and save
People will not stop and look at a billboard ad while on the road
Short viewing time
... of having a billboard advertisement Advantages Large and expanded audience
Creative and Catchy
People don't have an option of closing or flipping a page, they WILL look at your advertisement.
... of having a billboard advertisement
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