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Structural & Behavioural Adaptations Of An African Lion

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on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Structural & Behavioural Adaptations Of An African Lion

Structural & Behavioural Adaptations Of An African Lion
Structural Adaptation 2
Behaviour Adaptaton 1
for lions to protect itself
Structural Adaptation 1
The African lions has powerful muscles in their legs
Hi, my name is Siri and I will be presenting structural and behavioural adaptations of an African Lion. Hope you enjoy!
How It Helps Survival
A male lions mane makes it looks bigger and can protect itself in a fight. It also helps, to protect its throat.
How It Helps Survival
When it protects itself, it will not get hurt or get into fight with any other animals or other species.
Structral Adaptation 3:
Lions fur is yellow - brown colour.
How It Helps Survival
When lions fur is yellow-brown colour, it blends in with grass and it can easily attack its prey.
Behavioural Adaptation 2
Catches and eats food.
How It Helps Survival
It catchs and eats food, because it needs to stay healthy and get more energy
How it helps survival
Adaptation number 1:
How It Helps Survival
It helps survival by the lions catching and holding their prey to eat them.
A male lions mane
Behavioural Adaptation 3
Male lions are fiers and strong.
How It Helps Survival
by protecting the rest of his family and by protecting itself from danger
Thank you for listening
and I hope you enjoyed
I also hoped u learned something
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