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By: Jon Dailey

Jon Dailey

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of 7B

Extremely poor; lacking necessities like food and shelter "I'd sooner be called a succesfull crook, than a destitute monarch." - Charlie Chaplin Erudite Scholarly; Learned “If we steal thoughts from the moderns, it will be cried down as plagiarism; if from the ancients, it will be cried up as erudition” - Charles Colton Dilemma A choice between two unpleasent or difficult options. “We realize our dilemma goes deeper than shortage of time; it is basically a problem of priorities. We confess, We have left undone those things that ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.” - Charles Hummel Culmination The highest point of attainment; the end or the climax "It is in revolutionary periods that the culmination of previous trends and the beginning of new ones appear." - C.R. James Concur To be of the same opinion; to agree with "For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment." - Matthew Arnold
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