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Coffee Master Certification

No description

T Mercado

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Coffee Master Certification

My Coffee Master Journey
Farmer Support Center
Starbucks Coffee Trading Co (SCTC)
Green Coffee Quality
- on the ground resources for origin-countries farmers
- manages recipes and product development, and determines business needs
- responsible for global coffee purchasing
Kape Vinta
Guatemala Casi Cielo


Medium Roasted coffees are balanced with smooth and rich flavours.
Kape Vinta
Washed/Semi Washed
Guatemala Casi Cielo

Semi-washed coffee undergo partial drying and no fermentation to give the coffees way herbal, earthy flavors and a big body.

Washed coffees go through fermentation which removes the sticky layer around the bean called mucilage, resulting in a cleaner bean and a more acidic coffee.
Coffee processing is the method
by which the fruit of the coffee cherry
is separated
from the green coffee bean.
High quality Arabica beans thrive at the highest elevations coffee tree can grow, from 3,000-6,000 feet.

At high elevations, warm daytime and cool nighttime temperatures slow down the coffee cherry's growth resulting to a harder, smaller, denser bean.
Kape Vinta
Guatemala Casi Cielo

Pre-roast blends are blends where green coffee beans are blended and roasted all together to create a single roast expression.
What has inspired me to become a Coffee Master
I aspire to be a Coffee Master first to learn more about coffee and secondly to be able to tell the story and share/educate people about coffee and about Starbucks.
I am enthralled with the coffee story and amazed at the impact of coffee in people's lives.
Ultimately, I want to be a Coffee Master so that I can be part of an Origin Trip and experience the coffee story first-hand from the ground.
The goal of these trips is to inspire a new found respect and appreciation for the hard work and passion that goes into each pound of coffee they sell, and for the partners to be able to go back and talk about the work Starbucks is doing on the ground as well as the long-term relationships they share with the growing regions and the communities that live there.
In 1998, Starbucks began working with Conservation International to create our ethical buying guidelines known as C.A.F.E. practices.
Goal #1: Impact Coffee Quality

Recommended Activities:

Goals Statement:

Since most are non-retail, there's opportunity to learn/ re-learn recipes

A beverage training on recipes

Conduct a beverage training of a seasonal favorite and our regular drinks, both at least once/quarter

Team of Coffee Masters

Continuous coffee tasting to discuss the coffee

Conduct a coffee tasting once a month with a pairing outside the box
Share pairing ideas to family and friends

Goal #3: Sell Coffee

Recommended Activities:

Goals Statement:

Team is excited when new products are launched

Coffee Tasting

Announce new products to team/friends via office email and social media.
Hold coffee tasting at least once each season to try new products

Goal #2: Share Expertise

Recommended Activities:

Goals Statement:
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