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The United States

No description

Rommel Martinez

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of The United States


Immigration in the past
The first wave of immigrants in the Unites States lasted 40 years.Immigrants were mainly protestants from the countries of England, Scotland, Scandinavia, and Germany.

Immigration in the Present
First People
The Influence of Slaves Narratives in Today's American Literature
Second Wave of Immigrants

There are two theories of the first people in USA. The first theory states that they migrated from Asia, and the other theory states that the first people were Native Americans. When European settlers arrived in North America, they often had conflicts with them.
Today, most of the immigrants are Asians or Latin Americans.Throughout the years, immigrants have developed the U.S economically, industrially, culturally, socially, and politically. The arrival of immigrants helped the country to have a diverse nation.
This wave took place from 1880 to 1920.These immigrants went to work in factories,mills and mines.
These immigrants came from Southern and Eastern Europe.
Slave narratives are a literary form that grew out of the written accounts of enslaved Africans in Britain and its colonies.

Now they influenced in Literature because is more varied than before and reflect the diversity in today's culture.

Example of his novel are Stowe's Uncle Tom Cabin and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn
Popular Music in the U.S
Major Sports in the U.S.A
The major sports in the
U.S.A are:
* Major League Baseball (MLB)
* National Basketball Association (NBA)
* National Football League (NFL)
* Major League Soccer (MLS)
* National Hockey League (NHL)
By: Stephany Raquel
Karime Kuse
Liz Logo
Fernanda Torres
Néstor Flores
Rommel Martínez
José Canales

1.First people
2.Immigration in the past
3. Immigration in the present
4. Influence of Slaves Narratives in Today´s American literature
5. Popular Music
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