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No description

Park Sun Min

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Panopticism

Have you ever been walking down an empty street and suddenly felt

like someone was watching you?
Modern citizens not only spend much of their lives in panoptic institutions

but also are exposed to the possibility of constant surveillance in their

routines. The idea of keeping order through the threat of constant surveillance can be traced back to the early 19th century. In his book , the French philosopher Michel

Foucault used Bentham’s idea of the Panopticon to symbolize modern

society’s attempts to preserve order and discipline through more

sophisticated control of individuals. Panopticism In cities and towns across the world, it’s (= ) become

common practice to use to monitor

public places. Large department stores, for example, employ CCTV

systems to deter shoplifters from stealing merchandise. (keep close watch on sth) (use) (goods or products) It is not clear _______________ it is a good idea.

_________ he likes it _______, we are leaving. Mounted in plain view on walls and ceilings, these cameras

seemingly watch our every move. it has walked down surveillance cameras machine used to
make ( )( ) observation close What is the role of
surveillance cameras? to monitor Q. Answer to observe to keep order You may have been right. (installed in places where it is clearly visible) There is no way to know this video feed is

being actively monitored, but this uncertainty is usually enough to

prevent people from behaving badly. IT'S presence ( ) to watch seem / appear whether or not whether to agree whether or not (~인지 아닌지) whether 명사절 I don't care _______ or not it rains. I can't decide _____________ or disagree. whether (or not) (~인지 아닌지) 전치사 There is a debate _______ he should be released. about __________ we win or lose makes no difference. Whether 주어자리 to 부정사 (~인지 아닌지) (~인지 아닌지) ___ you win, I'll reward you. If (조건) Whether or not (whether or not) (whether....or not) apparently 1 Grammar Point 1 the process of feeding
a machine animal feed , an English philosopher, created plans for

something he called the , a structure designed to

efficiently facilitate the control of a large population of prisoners. to follow to the origin The Panopticon was a ring-shaped building with a tower in the center.

A small number of guards in the tower would have the ability to watch

a large number of prisoners in their cells, but the prisoners would not

be able to see the guards. Since the prisoners would never be sure they were being observed,

Bentham believed they would behave at all times as if they were.

Though it did not materialize, it has affected the way we maintain

order in our society. Jeremy Bentham Panopticon Q. What is the Panopticon? What is the function of
the Panopticon? ring-shaped guards space where prisoners are kept whether or not if as though What makes the prisoners
behave at all times? Q. The fact that they are
not sure if they are
being watched Answer What is the result of the
idea of the Panopticon? It has affected the way
society maintains order. Answer He points out that the panoptic model can be found in the designs of

not just modern prisons, but also schools, hospitals, and factories; and it

effectively penetrates an entire society with disciplinary functions. Through these panoptic institutions, any abnormal behavior that could be

detrimental to society is easily spotted, which encourages individuals to

conform to the accepted norms. Foucault calls this disciplinary mechanism of modern society

“ ” and argues that it enables power to control individuals

efficiently through constant observation and examination. Discipline and Punish disciplinary The origin of the idea of controlling people effectively advanced How does the idea of
the Panopticon applied
today? Q. 질서와 규율을 유지하다 정교한 (형) 전 사회에 효과적으로 스며들고 있다 Grammar Point 2 this sentences is the proof of how
the panoptic model effectively
penetrates the whole society 2 He is ________ a liar _______ a coward.

Not _______ you but _______ your sister ____ beautiful.

= Your sister _______________ you ____ beautiful.

____________ you ______ she _______ to go there.

____________ you ______ I _____ the loser. not but only also (be) is as well as is (be) Either or (have) Neither nor has am It _________ rains _______ it pours.

=It ________ rains __________ ___________.

=_________ it rains, it _________ pours. never but never without pouring When always to notice, to identify accepted standard of
social behavior (개인이 용인된 사회 규범에
따르도록 유도한다) contemporary mode of surveillance Panopticism Even at this moment, many aspects of our lives may be captured and

stored by CCTV cameras everywhere. But the use of monitoring tools to maintain law and order remains a

controversial practice. Although it may increase our safety and security,

some people feel it does so at the expense of our privacy. 노출되다 every day lives * * definition (use the words underlined to describe) (be) Q. How does the above
sentence make one feel? People may feel their
privacy is being invaded
because they might not
even be aware that they are
being watched. It is applied as a symbol in
the modern society's attempts
to.... cost Q. Why does monitoring
tools like CCTV remain
a controversial practice? Because it has the potential
of invading a person's privacy. Answer. I don't care ____ it rains or not. if (~인지 아닌지) to become reality
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