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ALMS 1st Session FK

ALMS Opening session

Felicity Kjisik

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of ALMS 1st Session FK

ALMS Opening Session
The ALMS Process
First group session
Second group session
First counselling
Second counselling
Final counselling
Discuss and think about yourself, your past and your present and future needs
Create a draft work plan
Before the next meeting:
- do the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL)
- Write your ALMS contract
In your own time:

- Reflect! Free text or Kaleidoscope
- Self-evaluation of English skills (CEF)
- Pay photocopy fee
- Creation of log/diary/blog/portfolio
- Work on what you need and want
- Join different support groups
- Create your own groups
- Reflect on what you are doing
- Keep a log or diary of your work
Bring (or send) the following:
your payment receipt
your learning history
the CEF self-evaluation paper
Bring the following:
your updated log or learning diary
samples of your work
Bring the following:
completed log or learning diary
work and reports
the redone Sill
the redone CEF
the filled in completion form
the filled in evaluation form
The teacher
What aspect of language to study?
What learning styles are taken into account?
Which specific tasks are done?
What kinds of groupings are made? (individual, group work, with whom?)
Who evaluates effectiveness of tasks/ activities?
Who evaluates individual progress
Who evaluates individual progress
What aspect of language to study?
What learning styles are taken into account?
Which specific tasks are done?
What kinds of groupings are made? (individual, group work, with whom?)
Who evaluates effectiveness of tasks/ activities?
What is

Today's questions:
- How do I personally learn languages?
- What kind of learning history and experiences have I had so far?
- How do I know that I'm progressing?
- What can I do to become a better
language learner?
- What do I need to improve in my English?
- How do I plan my learning?
What Autonomy is
What Autonomy is not
1 - it is not self-instruction without a teacher
2 - it does not forbid intervention or initiative on the part of the teacher
3 - it is not something teachers DO to learners, i.e. not a new method
4 - it is not one single easily identifiable behaviour
5 - it is not a steady state achieved by learners once and for all
The capacity to define,
carry out, and
evaluate learning
How do I do ALMS?
Where am I, and how did I get here?
From here to autonomy
What next?

You are now ready to make your first plan of your work for ALMS. Try to think about what you need to do and how to do it. You should also think about the time you will put into your different projects.

Remember this is simply the first version of your study plan. You may change it after further thought and discussions with your colleagues, teachers and counselors. It is the basis for your ALMS Contract which you will write during the second ALMS meeting.
Group Task.
In your group you are going to discuss what possibilities your text offers for learning
English. What aspects of your English skills could be improved using this text? With
these questions in mind, look through the text, underline/highlight, take notes, etc.

What challenges does it give you in terms of language and/or content? When you are
working with this text, what strategies / techniques can you use in your language /
learning? At the end your group will share their ideas and findings with the class.
Support groups
Support groups
Planning your ALMS journey
In the second ALMS meeting you will:
Continue the reflection process
Look at Logs and Diaries
Sign up for Skills Support Groups
Create your own DIY groups
Fix your first counselling meeting
Complete your ALMS work contract
Remember to:
Do the SILL
Continue your ALMS Plan
How do I remember all this?
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