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Animal Services

3-1-1 Presentation

Tanny Dalekos

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Animal Services

We Provide Socialization for Animals
"Seniors for Seniors” adoption program

aimed at connecting mature cats and dogs with people 60 and over

offers seniors a 60% discount when adopting a senor cat or dog (age 7 or older)

The goal of the program is to help enrich the lives of both pets and people
Opened August 26, 2009
Provides two important functions

More and better care for the animals we impound, and for the cats and dogs we adopt out

There's a large public spay and neuter requirement in Calgary; Animal Services provides this service free of charge to those in financial need
Dogs and Cats 3 months and older are required to have a licence

Animal Services provides a free 6 month licence & a Microchip to No Cost Spay/Neuter Clients

85% of cats and 96% of dogs are returned to their owners or are successfully adopted
Positive Animal Wellness Support (PAWS) Pal Program
• positive interaction with cats and/or dogs awaiting adoption.

• opportunities for play and exercise for cats and/or dogs.

• facilitate basic obedience training for dogs.

• promote physical and psychological well-being for cats and dogs awaiting adoption.
Dog Adoptions: $200

Cat Adoptions: $150

Animal Services
Our address is 2201 Portland St SE, and we are located in the community of Alyth/Bonnybrook
Off-Leash Ambassador program
Promote responsible pet ownership, positive pet interactions and safety in off-leash areas through the provision of information and demonstrations

Answer questions regarding Calgary’s bylaws in off-leash areas

Act as positive role models in off-leash parks in terms of adhering with Calgary’s bylaws

Provide an avenue for citizens to express concerns and pass along concerns to City staff

Promote the work of Animal & Bylaw Services and the services available at the Animal Services Centre, such as animal adoption and licensing.
Animal Bylaw Officers attempt to return cats and dogs to their owners rather than sheltering over night

Animal Bylaw Officers on average return dogs within 24 hours of being impounded

Animal Bylaw officers on average return cats within 48 hours of being impounded
So as you can see City of Calgary

Animal Services is a lot more than just a

city pound!

Animal Services holds on to peoples pets for a short period of time in cases of emergencies

Animal Services Safekeep Program

Fire Emergencies
Medical Emergencies
Police Emergencies
Presentation to 3-1-1
The Animal Services Centre is the facility where we keep all our animals.
This includes:
And in rare occasions....
Sometimes we are confused with....
4455 110 Ave SE
(Press Play)
All animal related services result from the mandate

provided by the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw (RPO) 23M2006.

This bylaw allows Animal & Bylaw Services to work

with Calgarians to ensure that cats, dogs, their owners

and neighbours live together in safety and harmony.
There are 28 Service Requests associated with the Animal Services Portfolio

Some of the more common SRs you will encounter will be:

AS - Animal Tied/Tethered
AS - Dog Defecation
AS - Animal At Large
AS - Pick up Stray
AS - Animal Noise

The most common Animal Services emergency SRs include (where the incident is occurring now):

AS - Animal Injury
Dog or cat injured as a result of a car, for example
NOT a result of a fight btwn the two
Use the AS - Damage to Animal SR in this case

AS - Animal Services Assistance Required

AS - Animal At Large
Section 12 of the RPO:
"The Owner of an Animal shall ensure that such Animal is not Running at Large"
Basically, all dogs have to be on a leash, except for designated 'Off Leash Parks' and all cats cannot be beyond their property at large.
AS - Pick Up Stray
Must be found within City limits

Fish Creek Park is provincial park; dogs found there should be taken to CHS

If dog is abandoned or surrendered, please contact CHS
AS - Pick up Stray
From a vet clinic:
Must have a
Microchip, and/or
Tattoo, and/or
City of Calgary Licence Tag, and/or
Injured (but not sick/infection)
AS - Pick up Stray
From a customer's home or business:

Microchip*, and/or
tattoo, and/or
City of Calgary Licence Tag
Injured (but not sick/infection)

AS - Animal Noise

domesticated animal causing excessive noise outside or inside the home
The difference between the two:
Animal Services protects people from animals
Calgary Humane Society (CHS) protects animals from people
CHS handles cases of animal abuse and neglect
CHS takes abandoned and surrendered animals
Animal Services handles aggressive animal concerns
CHS enforces the Animal Protection Act of Alberta
Enforces the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw
Funded by donation, lotteries, adoption fees, volunteers and other fund raising programs
Funded by Animal Licence Fees
Kennels all domesticated pets including reptiles and exotics
Kennels Cats & Dogs only
Accepts cats trapped in Humane Traps
Animal Services
Calgary Humane Society


Where was the dog last seen?
City Street/Sidewalk/Residential/Private
Major Thoroughfare/70KM & Over*
Sports Field
In Garbage
In Glenmore Reservoir*
In River
In Water (Public Pool or Olympic Plaza)
In Off Leash Area (Unattended
Chasing a vehicle or Bike*
Chasing another animal*
Chasing stock*
* Animal Control will be dispatched as soon as possible
AS - Bite
Dog or cat bites a person

AS - Chase/Threat
this is subjective to the person calling in, but use your knowledge of the SRs available to determine if the person's description warrants a chase/threat or some other SR

AS - Human Injury
trip or fall resulting in injury to a person; scratch or tear to a person's skin; any injury to a Human
The most common Animal Services emergency SRs include (where the incident is occurring now):
Remaining SRs:
AS - Animal Damaging Pet or Property

AS - Animal in off Leash Area

AS - Animal Interference

AS - Animal Park - Pathway Concerns

AS - Animal Public Relations
Use this SR when there is NO VIOLATION OF ANY BYLAW, but the caller is concerned in some way that an infraction of a Bylaw MAY OCCUR.
AS - Rat Sighting

AS - Magpie Trap Information Request

AS - No Control Dog in Off Leash Area

AS - Unlicenced Animal
Cat or Dog only

AS - Livestock - Bird(s) in the City
Livestock RUNNING AT LARGE, call police
birds (chickens, pigeons, roosters) create SR
AS - Animal Vehicle Offences

Aggressive Animal in vehicle - Window Open

Aggressive Animal back of truck

Animal not restrained at all - back of truck

Animal restrained improperly - back of truck

Animal Standing on Bare metal back of truck

Animal at Risk
At risk means under duress and in peril of suffering from extreme cold or heat.
The officer will determine this.

AS - Animal Tethered - Tied

Use this SR to report citizen's complaints about domesticated animals that are tethered / tied in public or private property where there is no one in attendance or supervising the animal.

The animal is allowed to be tethered/tied in the yard if there is a resident at home, they do not have to be with the dog at all times.

AS - Dog Defecation
Use this SR to record citizen's complaints when animal owners neglect to pick up their pet's feces when OFF animal owner's private property.

AS - Pick Up Stray
If Vet Clinic calling - Create one SR for each animal
Exception - Dog or car with litter - only one SR

If Citizen calling - One SR for all animals
Enter license number for other animals in the Additional Information Flex Note
Preferred Method to Receive Follow Up Documentation Package:
Canada Post

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