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What Colour is a Rose?

Group project for English.

Olivia Williams

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of What Colour is a Rose?

What Colour is a Rose? Karen Misawa, Cindy Wu and Olivia Williams What colour IS a rose? Three Questions... What do you feel about cultural appropriation? When you write your plays or stories, do you write for a specifically Native audience or a White audience? Are you writer that happens to be Native, or a Native that happens to be a writer? About the same as I feel about land appropriation. Main Ideas Natives and their writing are subjected to racist and stereotyped views. Purpose Thesis To expose the latent racism that exists towards Native people, and how it affects Native writers. Audience Anybody who believes Native stereotypes. Body and Organization Fluent writing with connected ideas but self-contained paragraphs. Literary Devices Diction and Tone Overall Effectiveness Positive Negative Improvement Punctuation is effective. He doesn't go into depth. His language is easy to understand. He is too aggressive in the essay. Quotations, allusions Anecdotes Rhetorical questions Humour and satire Irony Examples, facts The author succeeds in persuading others to his point of view, because he makes the essay feel very personal. "I'm usually alone in my room when I write, except for my dying cactus. So I guess that means I write for my dying cactus." So is this appropriate for the... Audience? Purpose? Format? Methods of Development Diction Casual For example: "Bummer" Audience Relatable Heart-to-heart Like a friend Tone Exasperated "Just watch. They'll make that into a racial question. "I guess as a Native person, I don't know how real "Indians" talk." Challenging "I was not aware that there had to be a difference." "...ad nauseum..." "Is there an Aboriginal suitability quotient posted somewhere?" Personal Responses Karen Olivia Cindy Overall effectiveness of the title - 4 "Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't." Stories about other Natives Metaphor Alliteration Less aggression More comparisons When I saw the title of the essay, I really liked it. Also, the essay itself is pretty good too. It's funny, and the writer writes a lot about his opinion to prove that native writers are important. Overall Rating - 4 Overall Rating - 4 Overall Rating - 4 "I received a stirring and heartfelt lecture about how they, the producers, were determined to present the Native voice as authentically and accurately as possible... I was then asked if I could cut the first eight pages of my twenty-seven page script." "So what's a writer to do?" "I momentarilly forgot, moose don't herd, they just hang out with flying squirrels that have their own cartoon show." "Notice many of the "people of pallor" script credits on such shows such as North of 60 (which, granted, does have one talented Native writer)..." "I once wrote an episode of "Street Legal" and accidentally caught a glimpse of a memo from the producer to a story editor..." "Or maybe I's got be good writer like dem Indians whats W. P. Kinsella writes about." "...Should a Native writer want to explore the untrodden world outside the Aboriginal literary ghetto, immediately the fences appear, and opportunities dry up."
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