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IMS Training Plan


Joy Service

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of IMS Training Plan

Training Plan 2014
It saves money - Production Costs, Travel Expenses, Downtime,
It's self-paced
It moves faster
It provides a consistent message
It can work from any location and any time
It can be updated easily and quickly
It can lead to increased retention and a stronger grasp on the subject
It can be easily managed for large groups of students
Sharon's Projects
New Hire Orientation (Onsite) Train the Trainer
NHO for S3 including Breakout Sessions
Subscription Service
National Seminars Management
Leadership and Management Training
Within a month of completing NHO.
After 90 days, Learners attend Surgical Devices IMSU.
Sixty days after Surgical Devices IMSU, Learners attend Flex IMSU
Future picture is to provide an IMSU on S3 for Sales
Product Training
Standardized New Hire Orientation
Joy's Projects
Instruments IMSU
Surgical Devices IMSU
Includes S3 COMs, ORLs On Location Techs, Sales
To provide a standard NHO training system which builds a foundation for all future learning and encompasses all divisions of IMS
Company Overview
– Include Mission, Vision, Values, and Prime Directive. Define roles and responsibilities and how to effectively collaborate to present IMS. Provide understanding of our products.

Hospital Structure and Culture
- Basic understanding of the OR, supply, and the hospital culture

Clinical Education Foundation
– Overview of the anatomical structure, surgical disease, etc. Goal is for learners to take this information and apply it to their job and critically think through situations.

Breakout Sessions

Education Cafe
Create competencies for RVPs
Use the Caliper to Coach employees
Art Klebba to work with RVPs in the field
Quarterly Leadership classes for managers
Lonnie's Projects
At present: On Location Technician Clinical e-learning,-completion date 12/31
Medical terminology and structure of the OR for sales force S3 Leadership.
Re-work Digestive System, Urological System, and Musculoskeletal System modules for Sales Force and S3 Leadership e-learning
Re-work Nervous System, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory system modules for Sales force e-learning
Set up Continuing Education Cafe for all IMS employees that we can continue to add modules and make them available to all employees
Assist with IMSU facilitation
On Location Order Entry Software Training
Manage the training projects and the training function, putting systems in place
Develop and facilitate quarterly leadership classes
Assist with IMSU facilitation
Serve as Training Consultant
Develop e-learning courses for Products and Soft Skills
Continue Executive Sales development
Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.
Michael Caine

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