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Catherine O' Hare Schubert

No description

Winona Olicia

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Catherine O' Hare Schubert

Catherine O' Hare Schubert
By: Jeannine and Winona
Catherine Schubert was the first European woman to enter British Columbia overland from eastern Canada. She was born in Ireland in 1835. At the age of sixteen, she sailed to the United States and worked as a maid for a wealthy family in Springfield, Massachusetts.
At the age of nineteen she met a German Carpenter named Augustus Schubert. They got married and moved to St. Paul, on the Mississippi River. They had 3 children and a depression hit the area so they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba
Many men went on a journey heading for the British Columbia Goldfields, but what was strange was that she was the only woman. Men including her husband were being accompanied by herself and their three children. No matter how long the journey or all the struggles her and her family had to go through, she was determined to keep her family together.
The overlanders initial thought of having a woman on this journey made them upset and outraged. The obstacles one woman, three children and many man had to face were unimaginable. They had prepared months of food to carry along their long journey. They camped in the open no matter strong winds, rain, or shine.
They had to cross the Rocky Mountains. The travelers had to leave their animals at the bottom of the mountain, and had to carry their essentials on their back. Since some rivers were dangerous, the Overlanders decided split up entering British Columbia, the Schuberts family joined the group going down the safer Thompson River instead of the dangerous Fraser. This was a wise choice because they had a secret to be kept that Catherine was pregnant.
The Rocky Mountains
Catherine went into labour while riding on a raft down the Thompson River. She successfully delivered a baby girl, with the help of Native women. Their family eventually made it to the Gold Rush. Catherine Schubert accomplished something great not any ordinary woman could do especially with many children. Her determination, courage, and the ultimate love for her family got her to where she wanted to be which was with her whole family.
Thanks for watching !
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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