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Chapter 37 Beverages

No description

Lauren Siefert

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 37 Beverages

Chapter 37 Beverages
There are all different forms of bottled water.
Nutrients in Juice
Juice Drinks
Buying Juices
Making Your Own Juices

Types of Coffee Beans
Caffeine in Coffee
Buying and Storing Coffee
American or regular roast
French Roast
Italian Roast
Whole and Ground Coffee Beans
Instant coffee
Making Coffee
Serving Hot and Cold Coffee
Buying and Storing Tea
Brewing Tea
Black Tea
Oolong Tea
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
You can serve tea hot or cold.
Dairy-Based Beverages
Soft Drinks & Punch
What is punch?
Spring Water
Mineral Water
Naturally Sparkling Water
Purified Drinking Water
Enhanced Water
Hot Chocolate
Hot Cocoa
Microwaving Dairy Beverages
in the microwave oven

What is your favorite soft drink?
Bubbly from dissolved
carbon dioxide
A beverage that is 100%
fruit of vegetable juice.
Juice Drink:
Called a “juice cocktail,” a blend
of 10 to 50 percent juice with
water, sweeteners, flavorings,
and other additives.
Fruit-Flavored Drink:
A drink that tastes like juice
but does not have any juice
Coffee Bean
The twin seeds of a deep red fruit
produced by the coffee plant.
A natural stimulant that affects the
nervous system, heart, and kidneys.
The caffeine removed
Made by soaking the leaves
of the tropical tea plant in water.
Herb Tea
A beverage made from the flowers,
leaves, seeds, and roots of herbs and
plants other than the tea plant.
A blend of milk or yogurt
and fresh fruit.
Cocoa Butter
A separated fat from the
chocolate liquid.
Cocoa Powder
The non-fat solids in
chocolate liquid.
A product of cocoa powder.
Patches of white caused by
cocoa butter than has come
to the surface.
A mixture of fruit juices and tea
or a carbonated beverage such as
ginger ale or seltzer water.
Served hot and flavored with such
spices as cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves,
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