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The Red Badge of Courage

English 10H Project

William Scofield

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of The Red Badge of Courage

Conflict Resolution In the end of the book, Henry Flemming and the 304th regiment, along with Henry's friend Wilson lead a sucsessful battle against the confederate army. This is especially important because before they were led to battle, a union general called their regiment "mule drivers." They transcended the odds and won the battle. They took their enemy's flag as a token of victory. Some of the best descriptions I have read were in The Red Badge of Courage. One example is from when night fell upon the landscape. "When another night came the coumns, changed to purple streaks, filed across two pontoon bridges. A glaring fire wine-tined the waters of the river. Its rays, shining upon the moving masses of troops, brought forth here or there suden gleams of silver or gold." This is a powerful description of the scene because it expresses emotions through its text, with the main emotion being solemness and solidarity. Descriptions Foreshadowing There is a main question that arrises in this book that Henry must always ask himself. "Will I run when it comes time for battle?" In the beginning of the book the soldiers talk about this question before any battle takes place. Most of the men claim that they would stay to fight. This foreshadows the conflict that Henry later faces when battle is upon him. In the end though, his courage pulls through and he fights with all of his strength. Symbolism- The Flag Near the end of the book, Henry and the 304th are faced with a huge challenge. They are forced to fight a battle against all odds. Even their commanding officers don't belive in them. When they end up being sucsessful, they cary the flag back, which symbolizes strength, courage and honor. Everyone is suprised when they see the 304th return with such a token of triumph. Symbolism-The Squirrel Right before a huge battle, Henry stumbles upon a squirrel. He sees as it attempts to retrieve a nut, but becomes startled by him, and runs away. This instance connects back to the question of whether or not Henry will run when it comes time for battle. The squirrel, had a goal, the nut, but when faced with danger, ran quickly away. This symbol of nature simply reminded henry of the decision he would later be faced with. Important Quote "He felt a quiet manhood, nonassertive but of sturdy and strong blood. He knew that he would no more quail before his guides wherever they should point. He had been to touch the great death, and found that, after all, it was but the great death. He was a man." This quote is one of the most important quotes in the book because it shows how Henry accepts himself to finally be a man, and be couragous Character Change The main charagter of this book is Henry Flemming. In the begining of the book, he is simply a youth who decides to enlist in the union army. He lives with his mother and she watches out for him, ehibiting that he is simply a child. "Good-by Henry. Watch out, and be a good boy!" Throughout the book, Henry slowly becomes more and more couragous, outgoing and man-like as he goes through battles and makes and loses friends. In the end, he is victorious in battle, and he becomes a man. He also achieves the red badge of courage, a wound. Courage One of the main, if not the main theme in The Red Badge of Courage was courage itself. Throughout the book, Henry, as well as the other men in the 304th regimemnt must exhibit courage to survive the war. The first sign of courage in this book is when Henry first enlists. He doesn't know much about what lies ahead in the war, and he takes a leap of curage when he joins. Another key point in which courage is shown is when the men go to battle agasint the odds. Although its a fact that they're almost guarenteed to lose and die, most of the men still carry on, though courage. Connections There were many thing and people in The Red adge of Courage that connected to my life. The first thing I connected to my life was how henry signed up for the war. This reminded me of how I like to try new things and take on new experiences, especially if they're challenging. Also, when Henry was coragous going into battle, while some of the soldiers who claimed they wouldn't run did so, reminded me of how in life, some people talk a big game, but when it comes time to perform, they fail. Symbolism- The Sun When Henry found his best friend, Jim, dead, he was very sad and resentful. He was angry at the world for killing his comrad, and he seeked revenge for his life. As the scene faded out, however, the sun was slowly rising in the sky. This seemed to symbolize that his death was the key to a new begining, and although things seemed bad, they would get better. Friendship Another one of the main themes in The red badge of Courage was friendship. If it weren't for friendship, Henry would not have been able to make it through the war. His best firend, Jim, however died. This was a lowpoint for Henry, but he soon made a new good friend, Wilson. If it were not for his befriending of Wilson after Jim's death, it is almost cirtain Henry would have slipped into depression or he would have lost his ability to go on. Important Quote "They're mule divers." This short quotation spoken by the comannder is very important to this book for many reasons. First of all, it sets the stage for the biggest battle in the book. Secondly, it not only insults the 304th regiment's abilitites in combat, but it also proposes a challenge, to prove him worng through victory over the confederates. If it weren't for this sentence being said, the men in the 304th probably wouldn't have had the motivation to win the battle, and Henry would have probably died. The Red Badge of Courage William Scofield by: Stephen Crane
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