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The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods

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Elizabeth Skelton

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods

Aaron Hill
Francois Delsarte
- Imitation can only go so far
- To express emotions one must feel emotions
- He fully submersed himself into his roles, which differentiated him from Quintilian and Hill
Francois Delsarte
Constantine Stanislavski
- He created "The System"
Relaxation, Mind, Will, Emotion, Concentration, the Magin If, ect.
- "The System" was his way of breaking down the differnt aspect of acting

Chapter 1 and 2
Acting May Be Hazardous To Your Health
The Russian Revolution
The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods
Group 1, Chapter 1 and 2

Aaron Hill
Constantine Stanislavski
Meet Your Acting Teachers!!
-Chapter One details three of the main teachers that will be discussed. It discusses their theories behind the expression of emotion.
- Chapter two discusses, in depth, Stanislavski, a Russian actor, who spent his whole life trying to become a better actor. He founded "The System" of acting.
- Quintilian
- Aaron Hill
- Francois Delsarte
- Constantine Stanislavski
-The idea to study emotion using a mirror, to learn posture and facial expression
- If one imagines a real feeling, naturally the voice will naturally express the emotion as well
- His method allowed actors to express emotions without going too deep in their own emotions
-Example: page 5
- "Whenever you can forget an audience you charm them. In order to warm everybody who sees you act, you need only to forget that you are acting"
- The difference between stage and movie acting

- Believed in only 10 different dramatic passions: joy, grief, anger, pity, scorn, hatred, jealousy, wonder, fear, and love
- Also believed in Qunitilian's mirror as the best way to learn emotions
13 to 39
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