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BNI Unity

Meeting Agenda

Hong Chua Teh

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of BNI Unity

Welcome to
Unity Chapter
Open Networking
7:00 – 7:15 am
Item 1
Welcome & Introductions to Leadership Team
Item 2
Changing the Way the World Does Business

is the most successful business and professional organization of its type in the world, specializing in the exchange of qualified referrals among its members. Started in


by the Founder and Chairman,
Dr Ivan Misner
, there are currently more than


Chapters in operation facilitating over


members in more than 50 countries. In the year 2012 alone, BNI members passed

7.1 million
business referrals and this was translated into over
10 Billion Ringgit
in business value being concluded between BNI members worldwide. Cumulatively, since 1985, BNI has generated over $RM85Billion in business for our membership. In Malaysia, we have generated over RM250Million worth of business.The philosophy of BNI is based on the concept of
That is, i
f I give you business, you will want to reciprocate that relationship by giving me business.
BNI is about building trusting and long lasting relationship amongst members and to refer business to each other. I
t is about farming for business and not hunting amongst each other.
Item 3: Purpose & Overview
BNI is a busine
ss network with tight
tures and systems.
We conduct
a 20 point Agenda starting with
Networking from 7.00 to 7.15 am
ed by the welcomin
g a
nd introduction and we have just fin
ished wi
th Item no 3
- Purpose an
d Overview of
Item 3
To form an Aggressive & Productive business chapter in Melaka.

To be well-known as a “Business Network & Resource Centre”, When people think of business networking, they think of BNI Unity Chapter

To become a chapter where businessmen are looking forward to join, to share & to grow together
Our Vision
Item 4
Item 5
Announcement of
Network Leaders
Item 6
Passing of
Business Cards
Item 7
Welcoming of
New & Renewing Members
Item 8
60 seconds

Item 9
Introductions 60secs
What you do:
Item 10
Chapter Coordinator’s Report
No. of Referrals for the past 3 months (Jul-Sep): 141

No. of Visitors for the past 3 (
) months: 3

We Transacted a total of RM4.84m over the past rolling of 12 months period
Item 11
Chapter Committee’s Report
a) Architect
b) Banker
c) Magazine Ad
d) Motor Vehicle Services
e) Office Furniture
f) Unit Trust
to built up a power team
Our Chapter Goals:
a) to achieve 25 Members by 31st Mac, 2014
To do that, we require each member to bring a friend or business contact each week to experience what we do

b) Members are encourage to bring 2 qualified referrals and/or visitors each week
To do so, we encourage members to meet actively outside the meeting to see what we can do to help each other
Item 11
BNI Policy No. 5
Attendance is Critical to the Group. If a member cannot attend, you may send a substitute (not a member of your chapter) to the meeting. This will not count as an absence. A member is allowed three absences every six months (April through September and October through March). More than this and the member’s classification is subject to being opened by the chapter’s Leadership Team or Membership Committee.

Item 12
Business Showcase Presentation
Item 13
Contribution Section
Item 14
I have a referral
I have a testimonial
I have brought a visitor
Item 15
Item 17: Thanking Visitors
Item 18
& Chapter

Item 19
Draw Prize
Give without remembering,
Receive without forgetting!
Item 20
Adjourn Meeting
Unity Chapter
From the Founder
How much time should you
devote to networking?
By Dr. Ivan Misner
* The secret to get more business
through networking is simply spending
more time doing it and doing the right things.
* So how much networking time—
or NetTime—should you spend developing
your personal network,
and what results can you expect to see?
Based on a survey conducted of over 12,000 business professionals, we finally have a definitive answer to those questions.
The study found that people who said “networking played a role” in their success spent an average of 6.3 hours a week participating in networking activities. On the other hand, people who claimed that “networking did not play a role” in their success spent two hours or less per week developing their network.
Person who spent a little over
six hours a week networking
generated almost 47 percent
of all their business through referrals and networking activities.
Women spent less time networking (6.19 hours compared to 6.44 for men), yet generated a higher percentage of their business through the process (49.44 percent compared to 43.96 percent for men).
Why would women spend less time and get a higher percentage of their business from referrals than men?

Men tend to be more transactional
in their networking activities and
they focused on the “business first and the relationship second.”

Women are more likely to be relational in their networking activities and they “focused on the relationship first and do business second.”
Regardless of gender, relationships beat transactions when it came to networking.

People who bypass relationship building are more likely to feel that networking has not contributed to their success because they’re doing it wrong or at least not doing it enough.
OK, you now know that you need to be spending at least 6.5 hours a week networking. Well, that’s true if you want to be average.

If you’d like to be above average, you need to devote 8-10 hours a week to generate well over half your business from referrals.
Foresee the absent? Please inform 3 LTs

11/10 - Mini Chapter Workshop

18/10 - Cross Presentation Day

25/10 - Grand Visitor Day

1/11 - Group Dance Week

Bonding after meeting: Windmill, see you there.
123 = Basic
234 = Expected
346 = Desired
468 = Surprise
1085 = Unbelievable!
COM 123
Albee Chngh
017-676 6911
Cleaning Product Supplier
2011: +23.3%
2011: +12.4%
2011: +9.2%
2011: +7.1%
2011: +4%
Gated & Guarded
My First Home Scheme
Tourism Sector
Main road
Town Centre
Domestic Demand
Foreign Investment
Incentive? Labour?
Valuation for
:-) Bankers
Looking for
:-) Sincere In
Don't know
what to do?
G-6, Jalan PM 5
Plaza Mahkota
75000 Melaka
Loi Liang Sen
012-607 0718
No. 33-A, Jalan TBC 22, Taman Bukit Cheng
Fax: 06-292 3008 E: info@sir.my
POS System
Kleen Pro Sales & Services

Vincent Chee - HC Teh

Vincent Low - Richerd Ho

Leslie Shaw - Nic Khew

Dominic Peng - Albee Chngh

Andy Yong - Lee See Hian

Neeshiel - TT Seng

S K Koh - Kent Cheong

Marcus Zhang - Loi Liang Seng

Ms Chua - Hanson Tan

IP Lai

Vincent Chee - Richerd Ho

Vincent Low - Nic Khew

Leslie Shaw - Kent Cheong

SK Koh - Ms Chua

IP Lai - Hanson Tan

TT Seng - Albee Chngh

Marcus Zhang - Neeshiel

Dominic Peng - Andy Yong

HC Teh - Lee See Hian

Loi Liang Seng
Target market:
Senior management age around
45 years old i.e. semi conductor
Next Slide:
Achiever of the week
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