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Batman one of the best Vigilanties

This is the real deal

Peter Fitzgerald

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Batman one of the best Vigilanties

By Matthew Keith The Dark Knight and other Vigilantes "A member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate"
-Dictionary What is a Vigilante? SUPERHEROES Iron man The Punisher REAL LIFE VIGILANTES Batman Spiderman Iron Man The Punisher Phoenix Jones REAL LIFE VIGILANTES Table of Contents Red Dragon Batman Family killed Batman is still breaking the Law Batman is a vigilante Spiderman Classed as superhero
Has superpowers
Is still a vigilante Not classed as superhero
Uses Gadgets (Like Batman)
Cocky personality Not classed as superhero
Evil Justice (Kills enemies)
Family is dead Real life hero
Real name Benjamin Foder
Part of Superhero Movement
Has been unmasked Phoenix Jones Red Dragon The Unmasking of Phoenix Jones Green Man Sick of Crime
Walks the streets with Phoenix Jones
Identity Unknown
Not much known about him Green man is more of a joke than a hero
Promotes the Superhero movement
Not much is known about him
Identity Unknown Initiation of Green Man Why do people become Vigilantes? VIGILANTE INFORMATION Problems Associated with being a vigilante This could be because of anything
People have different reasons for becoming one Vigilantes in Society Links Between Vigilantes and the Dark Knight You have no rights
You have no right to assualt anyone under any circumstances Some questions to ask yourself Don't work in society
Not involved with law
Why should you listen to them?
People that take on your Identity
Don't really fit in Copy cats at start of movie
Group is called "Batmen"
These are a group of vigilantes in the movie (They attempt to help Batman) Should Vigilantes be in the real world? Should Vigilantes be prosocuted for doing the right thing? May Batman be with you Thanks For Listening
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