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Pyrotechnic Engineering

No description

Amy Johnson

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Pyrotechnic Engineering

A Pyrotechnic Engineer Is...
Pyrotechnic engineers design, create and regulate the many man-made explosions used in fireworks, displays at concerts or sporting events and special effects.
Pyrotechnic Engineering
How Much Money Do Pyrotechnic Engineers make?
The current salary for a pyrotechnic engineer in a place such as Los Angeles, California is $82,000. Here in Hilliard, Ohio pyrotechnic engineers only make 74,o0o. As you can see the pay of pyrotechnic engineers depends greatly on location.
Working Conditions
Though pyrotechnic engineering pays well, carrying out the work can be rather dangerous. To create fireworks and airbags the engineers have to package multitudes of chemicals and explosives together only to blow them up later. One wrong move and boom. The pyrotechnic engineers that have to work on site of firework presentations have to worry about malfunctions and falling materials.
Major Job Responsibilities
Some of the responsibilities that pyrotechnic engineers must partake in include, extensive knowledge in science and math, taking proper safety precautions, teaching others how to use their creations safety, and designing new and improved models.
Demand for Pyrotechnic Engineers in the Future
The BLS expects that the demand for pyrotechnic engineers will grow about 4% from 2012 to 2022.
Needed Education to be a Pyrotechnic Engineer
No formal degree programs are in place for pyrotechnicians. Instead, they learn through pyrotechnic training courses and apprenticeships. State and national fire safety laws are taught in training programs. The APA states that apprenticeships involve participation in three or more fireworks events. Pyrotechnic apprentices are judged on safety practices, firework display performance and other factors. Altogether, the process of training through courses and an apprenticeship can take between 1-3 years.
Where Does This Job Take Place?
Where pyrotechnic engineering takes place depends heavily on what the engineer is creating. Those whom create fireworks may work in warehouses making fireworks or going to the area of a performance to oversee the show. Those who work in theater and special effects will plan how the explosions will play out then watch the end product for mistakes. Those who create airbags and other everyday pyrotechnics may work in offices and/or factoties.
Recommended High School Courses for Pyrotechnic Engineering
To pursue a career in pyrotechnic engineering it is recommended to take four years of English and math, three years of science, two years of social studies and foreign language, and whatever extra engineering courses available.
Pyrotechnic Engineering in Action
This engineer is of those whom work with fireworks.
Interesting Facts on Pyrotechnic Engineering
There isn't a specific degree required to be a pyrotechnic engineer
Anything that involves any amount of explosions requires a pyrotechnic engineer
Pyrotechnic engineering is a consulting career, these people just carry out requests for help
A pyrotechnic engineer can be as young as 18 years old
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