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Stage Directions and Terms

No description

Vivian Le

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Stage Directions and Terms

Stage Directions and Terms
Theatre Terms:
*Open up/Cheat out
Turn your body to where
the audience can see you
Speak up, talk louder.
* Pantomime:
Using your facial expression, body language, and gestures to tell a story.

Unprepared and spontaneous dialogue and action.
* Business:
Having something to do or keep you busy while you're on stage.
* Breaking Character
When you are acting and you become yourself, instead of your character. (Ex: Laughing, talking to the audience, etc.)
Don't break character!
- "Sugar Pie if you love me you'd smile.

- "Baby cakes, I love you like sweet potato
pie but I just can't smile."
- Students will know stage directions.

- Students will demonstrate knowledge of stage directions
- Students will know popularly used theatre terms.
- Students will practice to not "break character".
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