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The name of my book is Stone Soup

No description

samantha cleeman

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The name of my book is Stone Soup

Stone Soup
The culture of the story is French. I believe it is French because the story is about three soldiers who are wearing French-Army uniforms. Also, the women in the story are wearing French hats and the names of the people in the story are French such as: Louise and Francoise.

We also know that the story happens in a village where most of the people are not wealthy, we know this because the people are referred to as peasants. Also, we know that most of the people in the town are farmers because they were all talking about the poor harvest they just had.

I also think that this story happened many years ago as the pictures in the story show a village where there was no electricity.
threes's and seven's
In my story there were references to three 3's: there were three soldiers; there were three stones in the Stone Soup; and there were three fancy houses in the village where the three soldiers slept. There were no references to any sevens in the story.

The story teaches readers about sharing – and that sharing is caring. In the beginning the villagers have food but they do not want to share because they are very selfish. To teach the villagers the lesson, the soldiers come up with a tricky way to get them to bring out their food and share. They tell people that they are making Stone Soup. All the villagers become curious knowing that they can’t make soup from stones but they come over to watch and then they get excited about adding ingredients to help make the soup taste better. Then all the villagers become less selfish and bring out their food. Before they know it, they are all sharing and end up having a big and fun feast together. The villagers learn that by sharing their lives become much better.
Three soldiers tired and hungry are on their way back from war. They have not eaten in days and need to find food. Luckily they come to a farming village where everyone has food but the people in the town are selfish and no one is willing to share. How will the soldiers convince the farmers to share their food, what special surprise do the soldiers have in store for the entire town? Read this fun trickster tale to find out...
The name of my book is
Stone Soup
By:Marcia Brown
Tale Type
Map Quest
The story Stone Soup is a trickster tale. A trickster tale is when the lead character outsmarts the other characters in the story. In Stone Soup the three soldiers outsmart the villagers and teach them how to share their food.
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