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No description

Aaron Vines

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Hemp

Low Tetrahydrocannibinol Level varieties of the plant, Cannabis Sativa The most useful plant on the Earth. With more than 20,000 uses, Cannabis is also one of the oldest recorded plants, found almost everywhere in the world. Hemp oil is a way better substitute than crude oil (currently only approximately 41 years of crude oil is left in the world). To try and list all of the uses would be impossible. The only way to list them is to separate most of them into categories; Oil, Food, Clothing and Textiles Hemp seeds are a great source of much needed
essential fatty acids (EFA), nutrients and vitamins. As well, hemp seeds help those people with common food allergens. You can grind them up and they can create a great alternative to milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts and soy. As well, it takes 1/3rd of a barrel of oil to mine/refine/produce a full barrel of oil. Using Hemp oil, we can quickly create alternate sources of oil without using a lot of energy and ruining the environment. Hemp As well, look at the machines used to extract the oil from the ground. . . AND LOOK AT THE SIGNS NEAR OIL REFINERIES!!!!!! Compared to the lovely green behind the Hemp fuel growing signs. . . . Hemp Cannabis is also well engraved in humanities history. . .
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