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Mount Rushmore

No description

Ivan Lopez

on 2 October 2011

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Transcript of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. Sculpted by Gutzon Borglum and later by his son Lincoln Borglum, Mount Rushmore features 60-foot (18 m) sculptures of the heads of former United States presidents (in order from left to right) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The entire memorial covers 1,278.45 acres (5.17 km2) and is 5,725 feet (1,745 m) above sea level. South Dakota historian Doane Robinson is credited with conceiving the idea of carving the likenesses of famous people into the Black Hills region of South Dakota in order to promote tourism in the region. Robinson's initial idea was to sculpt the Needles; however, Gutzon Borglum rejected the Needles site and chose the larger Mount Rushmore. How does mount Rushmore look like? Carved into the side of the
large mountain are the faces of four men who were United States presidents. These men were chosen because all
four played important roles in American history. The four faces carved onto Mount Rushmore are those of George
Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Each face carved into the mountain is
about 60 feet tall. George Washington was chosen for this monument because of his role in the Revolutionary War and his fight
for American independence. He was the first United States president and is often called the father of our country. Abraham Lincoln was added because he believed that all people are equal, and he helped end
slavery in the United States. Theodore Roosevelt was chosen because he was such an influential president and world leader. why did they put the faces of george washington,abraham lincoln,thomas jefferson and theodore roosevelt in mount rushmore? Thomas Jefferson was picked because he believed that people should be allowed to govern themselves, which is the
basis for democracy. Dynamite was used to blast the tough granite rock off the mountain to make a smooth surface for the faces. George Washington was
carved first, and his face began as an egg-shaped piece of granite. Thomas Jefferson was added to the right of
George Washington, but his face cracked and had to be blasted off the mountain. Jefferson was then re-carved to the
left of George Washington. Lincoln and then Roosevelt were added to the mountain. Snow and a dearth of money
slowed down the work, and all work on the monument ended when there was no money left to continue. here they're building thedore roosevelt and abraham lincoln. where is mount rushmore? mount rushmore. this is mount rushmore in 4th of july or indepence day. mount rusmore is amazing. don't you think?
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