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The clouds of north and south America By:Paris shuler

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Miriam Tyson

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The clouds of north and south America By:Paris shuler

By Paris Shuler
Canada is the second largest country in term if land area.
Most canadians live within 100 miles of the united states boarder.
The most valuable resources in Canada are found in Canada's Canadian Shield.
Forests cover half of Canada's land.
Coal,oil,and water are natural resources of Canada.
There is a lot of oil pollution in Venezuela.
46% of Latin America's pollution is land pollution.(2005)
ONLY 2% of Latin America's pollution is industrial.
Mexico City's air pollution is really bad due to its geographical bowl shape with mountains on either side.

Pollution in Latin America
The Amazon rain forest produces 20% of the world oxygen.
The Amazon rain forest represents 54% of the total rain forests left on earth.
A estimated 2,700 acres of the rain forest are burned each year.
There may be 50 or so american tribes that live in the Amazon rain forest that haven't had contact with the outside world.
Amazon Rain Forest
The Clouds Of North And South America
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