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Tension Writing- Spellbound

No description

Lucy Hislop

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Tension Writing- Spellbound

Tension Writing- Spellbound
In pairs, analyse the stanza that you have been given, concentrating on the following:

Are there any language techniques used? Think 'A FOREST'.

What images are created in the readers' mind?

What type of language is used? Think about vocabulary/syntax.

Connotations- what message is the writer trying to convey?

Why do we like to be frightened?

Discuss in pairs
How do writers create suspense and tension in their writing?

To become actively involved in the drama
Gives us the chance to let our imaginations run wild.
Gives us an adrenaline rush
Makes us feel brave
Makes us feel empowered? The reader often knows more than the characters.
Write down at
writing techniques that
you know of, that
a writer uses to
create tension and suspense.
Look at the extract you have been given and identify where the writer has created tension/suspense.
Draw a picture of how you imagine the scene of the extract to be.
Using the image that has been given to you, create a
piece of writing that creates tension and suspense.

Be creative! Just use the
picture as inspiration for your creativity.
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