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Aztec Ancient Mexico

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Rodrigo B Rodrigo B

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Aztec Ancient Mexico

The Aztec Mexico
Aztec Ancient Mexico
Hernan Cortez
But Hernan went to Mexico in 19th February 1519.He landed in Yucatan were he met Jeronimo Aguilar a discover based in the Aztec.And they had a conversation if they would either attack the Aztec and the end they declared war
Aztec Temples
People didn't live in these temples these were to worship the god. some times they got mad and made a whole city out of these amazing temples. The tow most important temples are moon and sun
Aztec Gods
Spain attacks
Spain after discovering north America they took the Aztec like slaves.
This temple is situated at the east coast of the Aztec empire because the sun rises in the east. Its also the reason its called sun to worship the god of the sun. its also the biggest temple in the Aztec History
This temple is just like Sun but it represents the moon god and worships this god. Aztec believed that both of these temples are this gods home
The Aztec lived for more than three millenniums. They had an empire throughout the hole of Mexico ,its capital city, Tenochtitlan

The last Aztec seen was
years ago. The whole territory was all populated until.......
After the invasion it was named La nueva Espana, which means the new Spain. But then Spain was fed up of the Aztec and kill them all no mercy at all
Hernan Cortez
Mexico was just newly discovered. When Hernan was permitted to do a small expedition to "La nueva Espana"(the new spain).Eventuality he was not allowed to go
Aztec clothing
Most clothes in the Aztec were made out of cotton . The clothing never covered the whole body. The soldiers had there own type of uniform made out of any skin of an animal that they killed. This also shoes how brave they were by seeing their uniform. This is a picture of a military boss. He always ward a strage helmet in its helmet for example the helmet in the picture represents a bird

The Aztec's main god was HUITZILOPOCHTLI.
It was he who told the Aztecs where to build their city.

XIPE TOTEC was the Aztec god of spring (the beginning of
the rainy season) and of new vegetation.

This how their gods looked like
(This person ordered the army to kill them all)
Aztec people were geniuses and build many temples
Temples uses
Many, many rituals were done at the temple - human sacrifice, of course, is the most well known. But there were many more, such as the private ritual blood-letting, burning of copal (a tree resin), and the music of worship. After finishing a temple they would sacrifice thousands of animals and humans.
Aztec mythical creatures
Naguals was a mythical beast the Aztec believed in. Naguals is a witch, Nagurlas means animal spirit. This mythical creature was like a fair devil. For example it protected the people that believed in him and would kill those who attacked the ones who believed. Thats a picture of a Naguals

Aztec Art

Most of Aztec art was based in animals that were suppose to be a part of god. Aztec made art pieces for the gods for example the big rock in the photo is dedicated for that god in the middle this was to make him happy
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