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Nicole Cordero

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

2.5 Researching Credible Connections
Nicole Cordero
Fact 1:
Media Literacy is being involved in educational programs for school children and college students.
Fact 2:
Studies show media literacy lessons incorporated with standard curriculum can help reduce potentially harmful effects of T.V. violence on young viewers.
Fact 3:
studies have also concluded that media literacy
interventions can help high risk youth develop
more responsible decision making skills in their
own lives.
Fact 4:
Evidence shows the power of student conversation as a stimulus that supports both reading and writing competencies. Sharing ideas helps young people develop a sense of social responsibility. It’s a creative way to engage and promote real world digital media skills.

Fact 5:
People who are media literate can:
Think critically about what they hear, see, and read in social media and advertising. They can also reduce issues like eating disorders, aggressions, drug use, and antisocial behaviors.
The Ability to access, evaluate, analyze, and communicate in variety of forms.
Media Literacy
Link 1:
Credible score: 75 average
The information on the topic was thorough.
The information will be useful for our curriculum/student interest.
Information was accurate and obvious.
Author was identified.
Correct use of grammar and spelling.
The page fulfilled its intended purpose.
Contact information: Phone and address

Link 2: http://kaiserfamilyfoundation.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/key-facts-media-literacy.pdf
Credible score: 85
Information is useful to our curriculum/student interest.
Information was thorough, obvious, and accurate.
Good grammar and spelling
Author is clearly identified
Published by known and trustworthy source.
There is contact information: phone, fax, address, and site.
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