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No description

ava rangolam

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of teamwork

Hiking Hillbilly Hobbits Teamwork!! Definition- cooperative work by team acting as a unit What is teamwork? Without teamwork we never would have
made it to the campsite! But we did have some problems along the way But we resolved them by... identifying the issue
listening to everyones resolutions
evaluating each idea
choosing a solution as a team some of the jobs: water fetcher
fetching meth and matches
measuring water
reading map
Everyone had assigned jobs throughout the 2
days and we rotated to give everyone a chance Doing this gave each of us
something to be doing all
of the time these help boost moral
and made us work together Other things we did to build teamwork play games at checkpoints
such as: tig
the shopping game We also made each other
badges of our nickname to
wear on the expedition D of E was fantastic and we believe that teamwork
made the experience even better! TEAMWORK thankyou! talking equal assisgn jobs motivate work together otimism responsibility keeping calm
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