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employee retention

No description

Marina Weber

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of employee retention

Employee retention

1. What is employee retention?
2. Why is employee retention important?
3. What are the top drivers to retain employees?
4. Google and SAS - Top companies to work for
5. What can a company put straight into action?
6. Culture of retention
7. Conclusion

Employee retention

by a business
to maintain a
working environment
current staff in
remaining with the company
over a given time period

represents the health of an organization
as measured by the retention or turnover rate

Drivers to retain employees
Numbers and Facts
The importance of employee retention
Marina Weber, 620872
English in International Business
Mrs von Fritschen

Hay Group Worldwide Survey in 2013
- knowledge and skills of employee's are central to be competitive

- organization invests money and time in employee - company greatest asset

- employees working for a longer period of time are more familiar with the internal business processes
and are more loyal towards management

- shortage of new recruits due to demographic change
war of talents

Towers Watson Global Workforce Study 2012
List of literature

Bildungsspiegel(2013) Mitarbeiterbindung,
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LinkendIn (2013) Employee Retention Now a Big Issue,
http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130816200159-131079-employee-retention-now-a-big-issue-why-the-tide-has-turned, 24.04.14

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http://www.towerswatson.com/Insights/IC-Types/Survey-Research-Results/2012/07/2012-Towers-Watson-Global-Workforce-Study, 22.04.14

Company culture
Towers Watson Global Workforce Study 2012
Culture of Retention
Make your culture flexible
Make your culture something to be proud of
Create a culture of community
Create a culture of respect
Ideas a company can put into practice straight away
Compensation above average
Training and Development
Reward & Recognition
Surprise Perks & Gifts
Celebration & Fun
"stay" interviews

"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”
Quote by - Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell

Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute named Google the 2014
"Best Company Work to For.”
No. of Employees 42,162

Second rank: SAS
Since 1984 health care center which is also open for family members and offers free services
Performance curves
“When you treat people [well] ... you get better productivity. Rather than really caring what hours you worked, you care about output. We should continue to innovate in our relationship with our employees and figure out the best things we can do for them ... Our people have also been a lot happier and more productive, which is much more important."
- Larry Page, CEO of Google Inc.
Turnover rate
Thank you for your attention

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