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1984 v.s. today

No description

Alan Nguyen

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of 1984 v.s. today

Television reruns are altered to suit modern day
Tom and Jerry (originals) to violent for airing http://www.newspeakdictionary.com/go-now.html
http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/12/ron-paul-%E2%80%9Cthe-patriot-act-was-written-many-many-years-before-911-and-the-attacks-simply-provided-opportunity-for-some-people-to-do-what-they-wanted-to-do%E2%80%9D.html George Orwell Spying Government Public History Technology 1984 Today Thought Police use telescreens to get information Government (NSA) uses cellphones to track people around the country Usage of helicopter to monitor people Government Military use drones to spy for any illegal conduct. 1984 Today Thought Police arrest people without trial or questioning. Government (NDAA) can detain a personnel without trial. Government uses top people to obtain private information. Government authorities can get information from any organization or business. 1984 Today History is rewritten to make government always correct.
Big Brother seems to be always correct 1984 V.S. TODAY Journalist, political author and novelist. Anti-Nazi.
Anti- totalitarianism. Volunteered to fight for Republicans.
Shot in the neck, wrote the experience "Wounded by a Facist Sniper" Politics 1984 Today Government uses 9/11 and Patriot Act which revokes rights. Government uses war to distract it's citizens 1984 Today Government restricts rights of citizens
Everyone is under strict surveillance Allows the government to spy on reading
Creates a fear of reading online and at libraries Wrote 1984 when Europe was coming out of WWII
In 1949, Nineteen Eighty-Four was published. Patriot Act 1984 Today US government spies on civilian calls. Wiretaps used on civilians without their knowledge Government has spies
trained adults
Spies watch over people covertly Summary Introduction 1984 is a dystopian novel that highlights the future 36 years from 1948. The two governments have similarities in:
government and more Both governments have the technology to monitor people.
1984 has children and adult spies, while today has CIA and FBI
Today we use business/organization to get information while 1984 uses people
1984 uses war to distract while today uses special events to revoke some rights F.B.I. and C.I.A. spy on people ISP's can give the government your information Allows people to see changed history
Records are changed and transcripts edited History is allowed to be viewed
Public records widely available US alter history to make them seem better
Texas history books Government make an unknown leader a powered figure
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