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Toolbox App

No description

David Sykes

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Toolbox App

Mobile Growth David Sykes
Trader Media
SW19 T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Hardik
to USA!!! D-Day! Fumni
TMG!! Full
re-design Grad Project ideas... 1. Auto Trader sat nav? 2. Car owner app 3. Crash app? - Put adverts on map - Use to generate leads for customers - Increase brand engagement - Reminders for Tax/MOT/Service etc. - Generate leads to dealers - Increase participation between buying and selling - Offer support - Breakdown and windscreens too? - Step by step guides. What is 'My Car'? - User logs in to 'my account'. - Logs vehicle details via VRM. - Saves Tax, MOT & insurance
dates. - My car will push timely - Hook, free vehicle evaluation. reminders to the user. Car ownership app WHAT!?!? Finances What is already out there? Take advantage of mobile! Increasing Mobile Usage Biggest Motoring App in UK Where do people use their smartphones? How do consumers engage on smartphones? As mobile grows, it becomes
more important to own
the consumer handset. Cost & Revenue Finances Crash App Features - First Aid
- Legal
- Evidence
- Insurance
- Aftermath
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