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Social Changes in Elderly People

No description

whitney Fleming

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Changes in Elderly People

Retirement : Older adults have flexibility to structure retirement as they please..
-Men:View retirement as a time to slow down, and do less.
-Women: Uses this time to learn new things and explore new possibilities.
* If retirement means a major decline in a person standard living; they will be less eager to retire . Three Important Stages: 1)Shrinkage of Life span: Older people interact with fewer people and perform fewer social roles. Social Changes in Elderly People ....... Sexual Behavior 2)Increased Individuality: Behavior becomes less influenced by social rules and expectations than it was earlier in life. 3) Acceptance of the Changes in stages 1&2: Person steps back and realizes there's a limit for social involvement and learns to live comfortable with the restrictions -Elderly individuals..... ARE sexually active. -37%of married people over 60 have sex atleast once a week -20% have sex outdoors ... and 17% swim nude......
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