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A Figurative Language Project


Sadie Beaver

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of A Figurative Language Project

You can't escape it
You Use it Figurative Language Every day, people continue
to use it in life, even if
they don't realize it. In conversations, stories, and presentations such as this. Similes When two different things are compared with each other, often containing the words "like" or "as" in the sentence. Similies When two different things are compared to be similar to one another, with the sentences often containing the words
"like" and "as." The mansion
was like a
labyrinth It was like her former
friend was a complete
different person. She looked as
pale as mist "You need to watch out for a lot of them, some can be
as murderous as a
Demon," he whispered. Similes are
like metaphors Metaphors A comparison where one thing is said to be another, not containing "like" or "as" in any sentences but words "is" and "are"
for example. Example (and fact) Example: Memories are the branches of your emotions and spirit. That dog is nothing but a big cuddly teddy bear! "My mother's a witch," Reda muttered. The sounds of hail falling are a ton of people tapping their pencils. Metaphors are similes, except they don't compare them to be just similar, they compare them to be the same. Synecdoche When you use a part to replace a whole or use a whole for a part. On the first day of school she arrived wearing new threads. Everyone was shocked to see him arrive in a brand new set of wheels. Truly, only part of the world had watched them, not Metonomy He took a deep breath as he prepared to ask for her hand in marriage. Hey look, more tuxedos have arrived. Instead of saying "more guests have arrived" or "some guests" they use the whole to replace the part. When you substitute a noun with the name of something associated with it. Personification Oxymoron Onomatopoeia Assonance Alliteration Pun Repetition Parallelism When a sentence or statement is exaggerated, not literal. Allusion Connotation Apostrophe Hyperbole Giving an inanimate object the quality of a living thing, speaking of it as if it were a person When two words that seem to be opposed of each other in a way are combined. When you're using words of sounds and noises that seem to be impressions of what those sounds are. When the same vowel sounds are being repeated within words. When constant sounds are being repeated, often at the beginning of each word. When one word is replaced by a homophone or when the word means something different than what you expect, often used in humorous phrases such as jokes. Addressing something that isn't present, is imaginary, or an object as if it could hear and reply. Repeating the same word or phrase more than once in a sentence or small paragraph. Having a similar structure of a sentence be repeated throughout a phrase or sentence. "The pen is mightier than the sword." "You leaf-loving, bush burping, stem-smelling, garden-gorging, plant-popping, tree-tasting, dirt-devouring beast!" Really popular example You should listen to Skillet.
(meaning the music) The car drove off before they could reach it. In this example the word "car" refers to the people who are driving it. "The wind's pulling us in..." Nature was taunting and laughing at them. "Oh no, my laptop's about to die!" "Stupid brainiac," he grumbled. Joan shrugged with a small sad smile. It was just horribly funny. He was just about to take another step right when...Smack! Something had hit him in the face. Tap...tap...tap...
There is was again. Someone or something was making that tapping noise throughout the house... Her tears began to sink into the sheets. A phrase or reference relating to a particular concept. The creature froze in place when the silence was broken.
Rustle, grunt, sigh... "Oh Johnson... I wish you were here with us..." she whispered. "I don't know...what do you think?" the young boy asked the drawing hung up on the wall. "Urge, you stupid door!" he growled, pushing hard against the stuck door. Wondering what the world once was. Each of them knew that she was nothing but a poisonous apple. A word that emits different feelings or thoughts even if it only has one definition. "Warmth."
-Meaning 'comfort' or 'care'
"He shown no warmth towards the two of them."
-Meaning 'heat'
"There was way too much warmth in the desert for him to handle. "Cold"
-meaning 'cruel'
"It was a cold thing to do."
-meaning 'freezing'
"The snow was getting painfully too cold for her." Santa Anna was also known as "the Napoleon of the West." He broke his finger today but on the other hand he was fine. The rain rippled in the relaxed river. "If I hear that song one more time I'm gonna die." If you'd yelled any louder even Germany would've heard you! "Hey, looks like you've got a fan after all," his friend said while taking out a small fan from his backpack. Are you sure people won't mistake them for hobos? Example of: Parallelism and Repetition They searched every corner, checked every cabinet, and scanned
every space. He's just incredibly cute, amazingly smart, and unbelievably funny. No, I never said that; no, I didn't mean that; and no, I don't hate you. They kept on playing the same song over and over and over again, it was so annoying! The feathers felt so gentle. You'll always find a way to make life great. "Heart"
-Meaning "emotion" or "compassion"
"You have a good heart."
-Meaning the organ that pumps the blood throughout your body,
"Has he dealt with any recent heart failures?" They made sure that they fed the dogs, cleaned the house, and paid the bills. I use to be a doctor, but then I lost patients. When she got the news that she had failed the test, she acted like it was December 12th, 2012.
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