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Creating a Survey About the American Dream

No description

Sharon Ortega

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Survey About the American Dream

Creating a Survey About the American Dream
American teenagers are more obsessed with money than American adults. (1)
How is a survey constructed?
Discussion Groups
In your discussion group, choose on of the five assumptions we have discussed. (They were all talked about in this unit.)
Agree or Disagree?
Hard work and frugality are still important American values.
Agree or Disagree?
Young people don't understand the relationship between hard work and making money? (3)
Agree or Disagree?
All people can achieve success through hard work. (4)
Agree or Disagree?
An important sign of success in the U.S. is having a steady job and working hard.6
Looking at Model Texts
Class Vote/Discussion
We as a class will be choosing ONE assumption to work on.

Argue your case.
Question Generation
In your small groups, generate at least five questions designed to either prove or disprove the assumptions.
Share Out
Each group should now share out all of the questions they generated.

Agree or Disagree
Creating the Survey
As a class we are going to choose five questions for our survey.
One question that can be answered yes or no
One numerical response
One question in which the respondent characterizes himself
Four and Five
Two open-ended questions
Your Mission
Everyone in class will receive ten copies of the survey.
Find the Respondents
Find ten people to interview or hand this survey.

Ypu may NOT survey anyone twice, for example, I don't want one teacher to respond to ten students.

It will skew the data.
Suitability of Respondents
You must survey only:
Adults and teenagers

You must survey:
An equal amount of adults and teenagers
Amassing the Data
We are going to work first in our small groups, then as a whole group to read and interpret out data.
Small Groups
Determine the average response and the percentage of response for each numerical response.
Did your surveys prove or disprove the assumptions? Why?
Visual Presentation of Data
Charts and graphs, baby.
How might you have conducted your surveys differently?

What questions worked well and which ones would you have liked to change?

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