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Vision 2018 - Strategic Launch Presentation

No description

Pete Sturgess

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Vision 2018 - Strategic Launch Presentation

Vision 2018
Mike Simpson
County Chairman
In 2007 we said.......
Strategic Planning
Just what IS the point?
IN 2007 we had
youth members
(UK 364,895)

IN 2013 we had
youth members
(UK 436,590)
Increase our Youth Membership
Attract More Adults
IN 2007 we had
adult members
(UK 87,006)

IN 2013 we had
adult members
(UK 101,391)
To fill our existing vacancies
The Journey
Following “Towards 2012”,
The Scout Association consulted
in the winter of 2008/2009 in
respect of its next planning phase.
September 2011 – Vision 2018 launched
Summer 2011
The County Commissioner appointed a Working Group to embed Vision 2018 within The Scout County
This working group was made of:
All sections
Scouting management,
including a DC, a GSL,
an Exec Committee Chair,
County Support (Training),
County Leaders and an ACC
Sept 2011 to Jan 2012
30 Common Interest (Focus) Groups
74 Survey Monkey Responses
County Team & County Executive
Draft iterations shared on web site for comment
The Plan !
Approved and
supported by
the County Executive
County Executive approve
"The Plan"
Strategic Plan
Launch Evening
District Launch
District Launch
District Launch
District Launch
District Launch
District Launch
Key Audience
District Exec
District Team
District role holders
However, the invite
should be open to
anyone in the district
who is interested
September to December 2013
Creation of operational plans in Districts and all areas of the County operation
Sharing of plans via the County Team
to identify themes for support,
obvious clashes and
share good practice
January 2014
Resources to help
Summing Up
Questions & Answers
West Lancs County Scout Council will support these plans by:
Investment in facilities and resources, and in programme and development support, to ensure that the programme offered within West Lancs is second to none and that recruitment and retention of adults and young people are better than national averages
Ensuring sound financial management of County resources to maintain the reserves necessary for the long-term benefit of the Scout County.
Investing in the development of Waddecar Scout Activity Centre, based upon considered short, medium and long term plans, such that it will compare with the best Scouting activity centres in the country.
Enhance the profile of Scouting in West Lancs and improve the central administration and management of the County and its assets by identifying and investing in a central headquarters function that is more accessible to members and the public at large and that will represent the "face" of Scouting in West Lancashire.
Providing training to ensure leaders are qualified and motivated to provide an excellent activity programme for all sections that is both adventurous and safe
Backing so that Scouts in West Lancs have extensive opportunities for international opportunities.
Increased liaison with other organisations and businesses within the County.
An increase of

in 5 years (UK 16.5%)
year on year)
An increase of

in 5 years (UK 19.6%
year on year
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