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Where is the love?!

No description

Kathryn Dumouchelle

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Where is the love?!

Welcome Back!

Where is the love?!
There's enough negativity in the world, how can you bring some positivity into it???!
Today's project:
Bring some more LOVE into this world!

Be more AWESOME!!!
Different = variety
Watch Partly cloudy - think about the meaning of "value"
Art Creates HOPE - how will YOU do that?
Mrs. D, what's this all about?!
Today our goal is to refocus on expectations & goals - BUT ALSO - the "bigger picture"
--Education is about becoming well rounded, being prepared for the world, improving yourself, working towards your ambition to become someone BUT....

--All of us matter, all of us have our own wishes & dreams AND all of us have someone important to us - DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF THAT!!
Why ART?!
Who matters to you?


What makes them special?
(and variety is the spice of life)
Ask yourself:
Have you told them?

What makes them AWESOME?
Create a work of art for someone who is special to you: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Pastor, Mentor, etc......

1. Answer who matters to you - in your head THEN.... (For someone you love or to spread the love)

an art medium: drawing, painting, collaging, relief, etc

a Pop Art (like Romero Britto) or other style picture, THANK YOU CARD, drawing, painting, collage that expresses your love, feelings, appreciation
for that person.

It should use the WHOLE SPACE
It should be colored WELL
It should be MEANINGFUL!
It should look like it TOOK TIME
MAKE it FUN/UNIQUE/Interesting!
(Where is the love?)
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