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Superheros: A Lesson on Description

Students learn the vocabulary common to superheros, along with vocabulary of character traits.

Thomas Gulino

on 22 July 2012

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Transcript of Superheros: A Lesson on Description

Let' s Learn about Super Heros! How will we describe super heros?

1. Physical Traits and
Special Abilities

2. Personalities

3. Alter Egos Meet the Heros! Batman Wolverine The Incredible Hulk Nightcrawler Iron Man Physical Abilities:

-Wolverine has metal claws
and can heal quickly from any injury. Alter Ego:

-Wolverine is also known as Logan
-His brother's name is Sabertooth. Personality:

-Wolverine is almost always angry.
-He has a very stern personality. Physical Abilities:

-Batman is an excellent fighter. He is able to perform martial arts.
-He has a lot of special equipment.
-He is strong and can move very quickly. Alter Ego:

-Batman is secretly Bruce Wayne. Personality:

-Batman is very mysterious.
-He helps people all the time.
-He is very rich. Physical Abilities:

-He is unstoppable.
-He is very large. He has giant fists. Personality:

-Bruce Banner has a kind and gentle personality.
-The Hulk has a furious personality.
-The Hulk is UNCONTROLLABLE Alter Ego:
-The Hulk is also known as Bruce Banner.
-Bruce Banner Become the Hulk. Physical Abilities:

-Iron Man has a robotic suit and can fly.
-He can shoot lasers and missiles from his suit. Personality:

-Iron man has a very arrogant but humorous personality. 거 Alter Ego :
-Iron Man is also known as Tony Stark Physical Abilities:

-Nightcrawler can teleport (disappear and reappear.)
-He is very fast and acrobatic. Personality:
-Nightcrawler is very kind, serious, and quiet. Hero and Villian Description Game:
1. Raise your hand to describe any hero you see.
2. Use the sentence beginners to start your description.
3. Say full sentences. Superman He is able to...
He is also known as...
He looks... New Rules
1.I need a volunteer to come up in front of the class.
2. The class descibes the hero to the volunteer, and he trys to guess the hero.
3. Use the sentences to start your description. His personality is... He has...
He is able to... Spiderman Physical Abilities:
-Spiderman can climb up walls.
-He is very strong and very acrobatic.
-He can shoot web from his hands. Alter Ego:

-His real name is Kurt Wagner.
-He is from Germany. Nightcrawler can....
Nightcrawler is... Describe Night Crawler for Points! Now lets make our own heros! Bruce Lee He is from...
He is able to... Vocab for Super Heros:

He can...


He is...

-Acrobatic His personality is...


He has...

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