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Did James Meredith have an impact on racial integration in the U.S.A?

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Guillermo Herrera

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Did James Meredith have an impact on racial integration in the U.S.A?

James Meredith His influence Who was he? "WALK AGAINST FEAR" -Born in Kosciusko, Mississippi in 1933 Early life - Attanded segregated schools and graduated from high school - He was in the U.S airforce for 9 years and served well, this is where he realised the problem of segregation in the nation - Attanded Jackson State College for 2 years before applying to the University of Mississippi - He was rejected twice! - Filed a complaint with the court as he was rejected
not because of his character but simply because of his skin colour Fight for human rights -James wanted to become the first African American to
attend the university of Mississippi.

- This application did not only symbolise something for Meredith, but for the whole country, this act showed courage, passion and liberty for African Americans in society. - After several rejections by districts courts the U.S Supreme Court were convinced that Meredith had rights to attend the University of Mississippi

-After several act of violence and riots Meredith attended the University of Mississippi

- The act of President Kennedy sending 5,000 troops to restore peace made this case national news and symbolised support Fight for human rights - Meredith continued to work as civil rights activist for many years fighting for freedom

- 2 years after his graduation, he began the 'March versus fear' to protest agaisnt violence to African American for the desire to vote

-He kept on fighting against racism

- Meredith wanted all African Americans to lose the fear, and begin to fight for civil rights - During the march Meredith was shot 3 times
by Aubrey James Norvell. This had a massive impact on
other civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael who joined the march in honor of Meredith - Meredith succesfully rejoined the
march in June 25 to reach the target in Jackson

- His courage inspired many civil rights leaders all over the country to fight for freedom

- Meredith is now seen a very significant figure in the racial integration of the U.S.A

- His fight to get into Mississippi University was seen as an important action showing the abilty to receive equal rights in society with full effort and support. "I can't fight alone" - First African American
to enter a strictly segregated
university - Encouraged African Americans to
walk against fear -Inspired important civil rights leaders
to take action to gain equality -Risked his life for equal rights - Succesfully challanged political
stated in the South -Inspired African Americans
to become more important and engaged in American society "no price is too high to pay for freedom of person, equality of opportunity, and human dignity." - His graduation from Mississippi University in 1964 symbolised the gain of civil rights for al African Americans - He will always be remembered
as one of he mots influential civil
rights activist in the history of the U.S.A
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