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Article Presentation by Debora Shon: Every Child Ready to Read by Rhonda Fulton

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Debora Shon

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Article Presentation by Debora Shon: Every Child Ready to Read by Rhonda Fulton

Taking it to the Streets:
Every Child Ready to Read on the Go by Rhonda Fulton
of the Cleveland Public Library in
The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children Model storytimes that focus on teaching 1 of 6 literacy skills Program to teach parents
and teachers Day Care Teachers Parents Reach out beyond the library Circulation Practices Outreach Efforts 6 Early Literacy Skills 2 Components of Program Cleveland Public Library Response to ECRR ECRR-Every Child Ready to Read * 2006 Mobile Library/Literacy Bus
* Extensive Outreach Efforts
* Received grant funds for bus and training
staff the six early literacy skills through
interactive story times. 1. Train teachers and
child care workers in the
6 early literacy skills
through a workshop
2. Outreach to parents Phonological Awareness
Letter Knowledge
Print Motivation
Print Awareness
Narrative Skills 1. Find daycare, preschool centers with children from birth to five years.
2. Doctors offices, medical centers, and Women Infant and Children (WIC) offices are also good places to recruit parents and their children.
3. Talk to parents about the importance of reading to their children. Give them a brochure on your library programming for children and a free book to get them started. Used a list created by National Every Child Ready to Read
trainer Sue McCleaf Nespeca.

However this list is not provided, nor where to retrieve it.
This article contains no Reference or Works Cited page. 1. Books uncatalogued and tracked manually--alleviates
the onus on the directors that did not want to be
personally billed for lost materials.
This eliminates the need for a library card.

2. Do not track by classroom but by center--because
books are loaned freely from classroom to classroom.

3. All books stamped with CPL and OTRR stamp to help
recover materials.

4. After one full year of service circulated about 10,000
books and "loss rate was minimal." Add interactive story times
on a daily basis to the
children they serve. Offer interactive story times
to their children
at home everyday. to places such as medical centers, doctor's offices,
shelters for women and children who may not visit
or know about the library and program offerings.

Sometimes we have to hit the road to bring reading, the love of books, home sweet home.

And remember, books grow from trees :)

Overview of Article by Debora Susan Shon

Music by Kevin MacLeod on Dulcimer,
J.S. Bach Cello Suite #1 in G ALA Initiative Materials Acquired
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