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racial gaps in election

"pols 110"

stewart waithanji

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of racial gaps in election

2008... in 2008 election, Black, Hispanic
and asian voters made up nearly 1/4
of the electorate-RECORD! 1960 drop & Fiscal cliff stewart l waithanji Racial gap(s) 2012? the only thing the republicans have is older white guys that isn't a good thing. That demographic isn't exactly going to hold its numbers....as 2008 played , 2012 was no different thus President Obama stuttered when he used words like compassion , love , unity , family rather that Gov. Romneys' speech on public opinion or tax cut , deficit budget. At this time vote rate for women(black women) attributed to a high number highest in racial number or gender group Iowa became a state in December 1846. leaned Democratic in presidential races; proof: Barack Obama easily defeated John McCain by 54% to 44% in 2008. Although,before 1988, the state votes were Republican, choosing a candidate from that party all but five times from the Civil War years through. After peaking at 13 from the 1880s to 1920s, Iowa lost electoral clout as the state’s population slowed relative to the rest of the country. 2010 Census change include: Iowa will lose one electoral vote,being with only 6 in 2012 election So why is there a racial gap? what are some of the changes that took place between then and now ? "Personal bias, beliefs, fears, concerns, and other conscious/unconscious factors including ones view regarding various perceived acceptable/unacceptable characteristics of the person they vote for. Thus, the way a person votes fails to be a black/white, red/blue clear cut issue. So discovering reasons someone votes as they do would be interesting and reveal a broader and clearer view of reality."By Maya feminist.com president Obama was short and clear to the point, he knew what needed to be said not what had to be done and he used that to his advantage..... Governor Romney used his sophisticated words and forgot that was issue based not what people were looking for. Did campaigning influence the vote? Yes
NO Provided information
Keeps a record of promise
most people ie.ijndependants
(decide late)
in close elections, campaign shift the vote up to 4% campaign ads are negative
deceptive and furthermore waste alot of money.
"minimal effects" theory campaigns have little power to change informational effects theory How do we solve this issue Wattenberg:
suggests, making voting Mandatory
Get to younger voters
Remove the 30 days prior registration 59 % of white supported Mr.Romney at a rate which no other president has ever had since 1988. But only received 6% of black votes There was not a single state that gave Mr.romney a majority of their votes per minority groups. The "trick" to reaching young people is not to demonize any other race, but to point out that the opportunities that favor other races are routinely denied to white males. White females are a little harder to reach, being more receptive to "multiculturalism" and "diversity" claims. I don't care how ugly it sounds or how uncomfortable it may sound to our ears, ThE eNd

stewart waithanji
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