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FairCoop Structure Chart 2018

No description

Mario L.

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of FairCoop Structure Chart 2018

Economic System

FairCoop Forum
https://forum.fair.coop/ is open and transparent for all participants, working groups and local nodes. It is mainly used for general discussions, work-in-progress documents and documentation.
through Open Cooperativism

FairCoop Structure Chart
5 Global Working Areas
Tools to facilitate Faircoin Payment & Exchange
Faircoin Saving and Management Tools
Project Funding System
FairCoin Wallets
Circular Economy
Common Management
Local Nodes
Decision Making
FairCoop is a global cooperative ecosystem providing tools for a fair economic system and for independence from centralized institutions.
FairCoin is our decentralized
digital currency based on the revolutionary Blockchain technology. It functions as a store of value, due to its limited amount and its deflationary character. It can also be seen as the capital of the fair economy and is a key element of the global strategy for wealthy redistribution. Its value is a consequence of the trust of the community and its usability in the fair ecosystem.
Pay with Faircoins in FairMarket
It is an online market for all products and services offered by FairCoop members. It interconnects projects and individuals who are in tune with alternative markets, social currencies, fair trade and FairCoop's principles in general. All products and services are paid in FairCoin. This increases the usability of the currency and helps to build alternatives for a more equitable economy.
Donations for social change, technological innovation and local community empowerment
Global South Fund
Technological Infrastructure Fund
Commons Fund

more info here: https://fair.coop/open-cooperativism/
Each development group and Local Node have internal decision autonomy through assemblies to fulfil their tasks and achieve their goals in the best possible way. Centralized permissions are, therefore, not needed. Key issues, which concern the whole community, are decided in the general assembly by consensus.
Our tools aim to:

- reduce economic and social inequalities

- enhance individual and collective freedom

- contribute to a new global wealth, accessible to all as commons
FairCoop is an emerging grassroots movement, which globally connects local initiatives of transition and sustainability. It creates an independent economic network of people and organisations that share the same values
All working areas are open for participation. Any member can join and give their time to assist with various tasks according to their capacity.
input side
output side
Collective Intelligence: Network of Participants contribute with ideas, work, time and other resources
Local Nodes Development
A Tool-Network for a Fair Economic System
Telegram Messenger
The FairCoop Ecosystem uses Telegram to coordinate working groups/local nodes/projects, to share general information and to hold global online assemblies. All of the multiple Telegram groups are open for anybody to join. Due to instant mobile and laptop access, communication is faster there than in the FairNetwork.
( the soil for growth )
( independence from centralized institutions )
Freedom Coop is a "European Cooperative Society" (SCE), and thus a legal entity, which provides an open participatory toolkit to its members. This toolkit helps individuals and groups to be self-employed in a non-bureaucratic way, following fair economic conditions. There is no need for a direct interference with conventional banks and authorities, therefore it is especially useful for people without official states documentation
All membership fees and shares are paid in Faircoin
Local Nodes are groups of people who are mainly promoting FairCoop and its tools in their areas. They present the advantages of FairCoin to merchants and provide people with FairCoin wallets and FairPay cards. They give technical support and convert fiat money to FairCoin and vice versa. Nevertheless, within the framework of the FairCoop Principles, Local Nodes are completely independent in their actions. They receive funds from FreedomCoop's profits, which are distributed proportionally.

FairSaving offers the infrastructure to keep your FairCoins under all the appropriate security measures. It is recommended for people without a computer or for those who don’t feel confident enough with their IT skills.
Local Nodes are the regional representation and expansion of FairCoop. They develop and broaden the regional network independently. LN connects like-minded groups, initiatives and individuals, holding presentation and information events.
Integral Revolution
P2P-Model of Social Organization
Hacker Ethics
Your Location...
Open Collaborative Platform (OCP)
Get Global Products and Services
Get local Products and Services
FreedomCoop Management through OCP
BotC Management through OCP
local merchants accepting Faircoin
local people
using FreedomCoop
locals using FairCoin tools
60% of income from the membership fees are redistributed to the Local Nodes
physical assemblies
online assemblies
telegram for coordination
Buying products & services with Faircoins via FairPay
merchants can show on the virtual global map in use.fair-coin.org that they accept FairCoin
users of use.fair-coin.org can easily find merchants to spend FairCoins in their local areas
e.g. easily load FairPay cards with FairCoin
Paying locally with FairPay is easy and instantly thanks to NFC technology
BotC is an open cooperative initiative to transform the banking, payment and currencies systems in order to support a cooperative economic movement at the global and local levels.
BotC uses Faicoin strategically as a global and social currency
Members pay fees based on their quarterly profits
telegram and FairNetwork coordination
Local Nodes
Real Economy
Extension / Campaigns
Documentation / Statistics
Human Care
Content writing
Graphic Design
Social Media /
Public Relations/
Open Collaborative Platform
FairChat is FairCoop's self-developed and secure Chat Application. In the near future, it should replace Telegram
...under development
Bosnia &
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